She lets me have s** with her

My wife told me a while back that she loves me and she thinks I am talented etc. All good. Then she goes on to say that she does not get aroused sexually by me. She said not to try to arouse her. She said things like flowers and movies and date nights and candles are nice and she loves them but nothing will arouse her. She said if I want s** just to say so.

Its kind of a spaced out feeling I have. Mildly depressed. Somehow I am not a man if she does not get aroused by me.

So when I feel like s** I just say Can we do s** and and she almost always says yes and just lies down dead fish style and I get on and f*** her. I imagine her reading a book or putting her earbuds in while I f*** away. She's totally detached.


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  • May be you don't satisfy her 🤷‍♀️

  • Your wife isn't turned on because she doesn't want to be turned on. I know, my wife is the same way. I love my wife to death and couldn't imagine being with any other woman, but she is also the worst f*** in the world. Like your wife, she's like f****** a cold fish. No action, no emotion, literally she just lays there like a dead f***. It doesn't matter what I do. I can eat her p**** and lick her c*** while using my fingers or a vibrator in her p****, it doesn't matter. I can kiss her neck and suck on her earlobes, it don't matter. I can talk dirty to her and pop in a p*** video, it doesn't matter. It's always the same, nothing.

    So you know what I did? I went and got myself a f*** buddy. Once or twice a week I tell my wife I am working late or I am going out with the guys, and I go over to my girlfriends house so we can f*** like wild animals. Then I go home to my wife. I'm pretty sure she suspects I have a girlfriend because I stopped having s** with her altogether, but she hasn't said anything.

  • Try using a 2x4

  • Bring a friend home for her to share and spice it up.

  • Try cheating on her

  • I can help you get your wife turned on!

  • How old is she?

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