I hate being a parent because of my s***** husband

I love my daughters more than anything in the world, but i absolutely hate my life as mother. Every morning I don’t want to get out of bed because my days suck having to deal with the kids. I seeked counseling and realized its because of the a****** I’m married to. I hate him, he makes my life miserable. He’s an ungrateful, unappreciative, ignorant, selfish, and basically a downright p**** who has never stood up for me. He lets his evil witch mom and his conniving sisters walk all over me. We’ve been married for 8 years and I honestly have nothing but bad memories. I want to get out of this marriage so desperately but I don’t have the financial means to do. He only makes 63K a year so not like I’ll get a lot in alimony or child support if I left him anyway. I’m in my last year of nursing school and I pray everyday for strength to keep me going so that I can have a decent career and make a decent income for my kids and I and leave his ass. Parenting is honestly the worst when you’re married to a pathetic human being.


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  • So what's your ideal situation?

  • To be able to move out with my two little ones and provide for them and myself, not depend on him for anything.

  • I’m sorry. But yeah, definitely finish nursing before you go.

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