Have s** with my dog

I been have s** with my dog since i was 13 it was great till i got to 16 that when my brother walk in on me with the dog in me he just watch us as knot with the dog i could move till his knot go smaller , He told all his friend about it

Aug 14, 2019

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  • Girls and dogs are amazing If any girls really does anything with their dog and being completely honest and not one of these ppl lying plzz add me on snapchat . Say dog when u add me. girls only plz of any age. I'm a young guy DNT be shy. Andyc2104

  • Any girls who really let their dog do stuff. Add my Snapchat andyc2104

  • My wife and I have a very active s** life and fantasize about all kind of things sexy. We have a rather large dog and one day he tried to mount my wife's girlfriends leg, his c*** was hanging down and we watched him lick it until it went back out of sight.
    That night we were having s** when she said you know how we fantasize sexy thoughts, I said yes, she then said how about if we let our dog join in our s** fun! I said YES!!
    Next day she gave the dog a bath and made special attention to his genitals. That night we both got naked and I ate her p**** good. We decided to call the dog in, he took a sniff of her hairless p**** and gave it a few licks, my wife layed on the floor and I slid my rock hard c*** into her, the dog caught on quick as he licked our genitals while we were f******.
    We started rubbing his c*** and after a few seconds the tip came into view, after a few minutes the huge 8 inch thick c*** was hanging down wailing for some fun, my wife got on her knees and I helped him mount her and get this big c*** inside her p**** hole.
    Well that big c*** was jammed all the way into c** soaked p**** and my wife was groaning with delight as she had multiple o******, he slowed down to short strokes and I noticed she had his knot shoved inside her already slippery hole.
    He stayed that way for a while when this huge c*** slipped out of her p**** with c** everywhere. I layed her on her back then slid my c*** into her gaping doggy c** filled hole. It was soaking wet and sloppy I had dog c** dripping all over my b**** and my wife was having more o****** as I spewed a massive jet of hot c** into her.
    We did this many times after that we always enjoy the fun.

  • I would watch if its cool?

  • I have never even thought about having s** with an animal before. But going through all these posts I thought I should give it a try but could not make my mind for about a week!! I’m 45 years old, single, average breast size around 5’5, shaved p****, thin waist. I have a large dog, a mix between black lab and rottie. So, this hot day I was tired, just decided to stretch out on the couch. I was wearing just a short T-shirt, no bra and panties. I was about to doze off. I felt something next to me, opened my eyes, it was my dog trying to cuddle up beside me. So I slid over to make room for him. He had his face by my thighs and the rest of his body along my chest. I could feel my dog breathing on my leg, actually, between my legs because his face was situated on top of my leg, it was kind of weird, but felt good at the same time. I think I even got a little wet, but still, harmless. Suddenly, I felt his c*** peeping through his slit with drops of precum. Omg what’s wrong with me?? Well, I spread my legs more raising one leg up, hoping he would go on licking my p****. Next thing I knew, my dog was shoving his nose into my wet p**** and licking…again. It was too late to change my mind after letting it get this far, my p**** was so wet, it was throbbing! I couldn’t stop. It felt so good, I can’t even describe it in words, other than I got this warm flushing sensation all across my body, I felt like I was floating as I lightly stroked his sheath with emerging head of the c*** through. My p**** couldn’t help but to grind against his tongue. As good as that felt, I wanted more…like I wanted his c*** inside me! I did not go that far, but I did o***** several times while he tongue f***** me trying to clean my p****…. Lol, I will write about this again the next time it happens, and I hope it happens again.

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  • I am divorced bi woman in my early 40s and love dog s**. Often I get too h**** and open my thighs to my Lab dog. Last weekend, he kept licking my p**** and I started moaning with each lick. I pulled down my thong so that he could get my entire c***. He stuck his tongue into my c*** while I separated my p**** lips wider with my fingers and he started licking on my c******* and the surrounding area and I could not stand it any longer, I climaxed and he just lapped it all up. I must have climaxed three times. I was ready to take him because he stopped licking and got into position to mount me as he was trained to f***.
    As I got on my knees I placed a pillow under my stomach. Wasting no time he mounted me and hit his mark on the first try. I felt his front paws wrap around my waist and he started to f*** me harder and harder. I could feel his c*** inside of me getting bigger. I climaxed again and again.
    Now his knot slid passed the opening of my hole. I spread my legs a little more and as I did that he sensed the timing because he rammed it all the way into my c***. I closed my legs a little and clamped down on his knot with my c***.
    We were almost locked up. I had him inside me all the way and I could feel he started to shoot his c** inside of me, first it was a squirt of hot c** then he shot with powerful jets of hot c**. I kept C****** and C****** with each time he came inside of me. He tighten his grip around my waist and made one last ram into my p**** his head was just above my neck and I could feel his hot breath, panting. I did not want this f****** to quit. But he kept on trying to turning around and soon he got off me but I was full of his juices in my p**** and it felt great. I finally relaxed my p**** and spread my legs a little, His c*** slipped out and his c** started to drip out from my p**** as I watch in amazement. He laid down next to me and was licking himself clean. I was feeling ravished and finally got up and headed for the shower.

  • Mmm what a lovely story I would love to watch a lady making love to a big dog

  • I think women and girls who do that are hot and would love to talk to them

  • Thank you

  • Love to hear more!

  • Oh love to tell u

  • Back in highschool a friend of mine got really drunk at some guys house and f***** his dog. One of the guys there filmed it and sent it to everyone so she had to put up with 3 years of everyone knowing. She wanted to drop out and get her G.E.D. but her parents wouldn't let her. She wasn't willing to tell her parents about it either so she just endured the humiliation. Half way through her junior year she became very slutty and even f***** a dog again. When she finally graduated she moved out of town and last I've heard she became a stripper.

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  • I think I may relate my experience of dog s** here. It was a summer night, I was in bed naked. I had been masturbating while waiting for my parents to fall asleep, and my p**** was quite moist from my climax. At the side of my bed I looked down to my dog, Margo. He looked up moved to smell my p****. It was then I guided his snout into my c***, letting him breath in my scent and hoping he would know how ready I was for him. I drew him to my bed and place before him on my fours. Instantly Margo scampered to mount me, his big c*** thrusting around my ass hole.
    I rotated myself around until his fore-paws wrapped around my waist and his c*** found my slit. Margo was panting furiously and his saliva was dripping off his tongue and onto my back, as his pre-c** smeared over my ass. I closed my eyes and focused on all the sensations, his fur against my skin. I was sopping wet and was dripping down on his c***, lubricating it and letting him fully push into my p**** for a few seconds, his own pre-c** mixing with my fluids. Eventually I felt him entered me rather smoothly into my wet juice dribbling p****. Then it all started – he started stabbing my c*** furiously in quick successions for 2 to 3 minutes and then the knot entered into me almost brushing my g-spot. Soon he suddenly stopped as if jamming my p****. WOW! his hot c** ejected in spurts hitting my cervix leaving my whole body shaking. I started to feel waves of o******. Within a couple of minutes his knot slid out as I slumped down on the floor. Margo sat down beside me and started cleaning his c***.
    Thoroughly satisfied with my session, I laid down on my stomach on the bed and drifted to sleep as Margo’s offering, still smeared all over my p**** and thighs.

  • Wow that was super hot wouldve loved to been there to lick that p**** clean afterwards and let margo give my ass a turn

  • I am with it for more than 10 yrs and always enjoy every bit of penetration, strokes and jamming my c*** just before he comes as the knot swells inside me throbbing against my g-spot! I reach o****** as soon as jets of his hot c** hit my cervix with initial burning sensation!! Mine is a lab, 78 kg, big c***...

  • If I was dad no way you would have been f***** by the family dog your p**** would have been mine long before then

  • Oh what age would have you f*** me then

  • Idk about him but me, 10

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