Funniest thing ever my boyfriend bare bum over his moms knee !!

So I think my boyfriend has already confessed to this but never mind !! I am a 25 year old girl and my boyfriend is 24. I was round at his house and he had been caught speeding or something and his mom actually pulled his pants down and spanked his bare bottom in front of me l**** !! It was so funny. Now I always tease him about it and threaten to tell his mom on him. Turns out he gets grounded and everything. I am not complaining ! Maybe more guys need it.

Aug 14, 2019

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  • She could do that to me all day!

  • Doubt you would cry like he does

  • Spanked at 24? Ridiculous. He willingly goes over his mom's knee? He must be trained pretty well. She certainly takes him down a notch in front of you. Has she suggested that you take over her role?

    The last time I was spanked on my bare ass I was 14. My mom's friend did it. I had heard of people doing it but had never met anyone whose family actually did it. We stayed overnight with them for about two weeks that summer and I had a dirty magazine and she was quite the feminist. She was in her 50s and came from a different era, I suppose. I had to put my hands on the dresser and thinking it was an ordinary spanking, I just waited, thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. She walked in and yanked my pants and underwear down to my knees and started swatting my butt with a wooden ruler. Her husband and college age daughter witnessed it from the hallway and apparently, it had been a normal occurrence in their home.

  • He is !! He sobs like a little kid, I doubt I could handle him the way she does

  • Did you rub cream on for him ?

  • No why would I make it easier on him !!

  • He got another one !! Out for a meal with him now and he cannot sit still !!

  • Jane !! You promised you wouldn't laugh about it in here you promised !! It's bad enough you made me post !!

  • Funny!! This should be in f*****g hilarious section

  • Did he cry ?

  • Yes he was crying his eyes out !! When he got up he did the cutest little dance rubbinh his bum until she slapped his legs and sent him to bed l****

  • L****

  • I wish I could see that happen to my bf!!!

  • Me to

  • Why what did ur bf do ?

  • Did he cry x

  • That is so funny u does your boyfriend let her do it at his age does he like it?

  • No he hates it !! It's just always happened. It was brilliant to watch and he is so respectful now l**** no wonder !! U should have seen how red he was at both sets of cheeks

  • I bet it was how humiliating for him I bet u can't wait for it to happen again

  • It happened again recently !! He told me to "get my f**** in the kitchen and get him a beer" and he slapped my ass. When I told his mom she took him down to the barn and put a switch across his bare bum !!! You should have seen him dance

  • That seven harsher than before have u told your friends what happens to him?

  • Also she used a hairbrush on his butt first time and I m not sure that is any less harsh lol x

  • No I haven't not yet. Do you think I should ?
    His mom is really against anything even a little bit sexist !!

  • Well if u think it's funny Mabey u should share it with mates mabey they would like to watch

  • Hahaaaaa o I am going to now I m Jane by the way

  • Hi Jane u should or at least I have a go and spank him in front of his mum I'm lee

  • Next time he is in trouble I ll give him a spanking as well

  • Just u or will I do in front of his mum?

  • So what do u think of him then jane knowing his mummy still spanks him are u embarrassed for him or do u think he deserves it?

  • Both actually i think if he is still naughty enough then he is never too old but God it must be embarrassing , I v told all my friends in front of him as well xx

  • Did his mom laugh when she was spanking him?

  • Nope she looks very strict and stern !!

  • I bet his was really embarrassed when I told your friends I wonder if any of his mates know?

  • Ha I told them all as well !!

  • Wow that must b so embarrassing everyone knowing he's still spanked by mummy at his age

  • Would u like to contact me jane?

  • Wow that must of been so embarrassing everyone knowing that his mother still spanked him at his age

  • Anymore spankings been done by you or his mum?

  • Yep 2 more !!

  • What that you did it his mum did?

  • He was cheeky to his mom last night and got a good one !! She used the slipper I think

  • He even got his mouth soaped !!

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