Do you eat your c** off your gf/wife?

Me and my neighbour have been secretly having s** and doing all sorts for the last 2 years. I work from home a lot and she works part-time so we get a lot of occasions.

This whole time, after every time I have c**, she has made me eat some or all of it. She calls it punishment for us both cheating. If she gives me a b******, she will spit it onto her t*** and force my face down. She gives me loads of foot jobs and I love licking her toes clean after. I secretly love it.

Does anyone else like doing this?

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  • I absolutely love licking c** off of or out of my wife. By far most of the c** isnt mine. I like sucking the c*** that planted the seed in her clean also.

  • I’m 52 wife is 46 and still very attractive
    One day I got the idea of doing the pizza challenge. She said maybe the neighbors son who is handsome and looks like a famous singer J Bieber
    I hid in the closet while he came over and she started by grabbing his c*** and he wasn’t shy at all he pulled it out
    He was very rough as he bent her over and came inside of her.
    I immediately brought her to our bedroom where I ate out as much of his c** as I could then made her c** by sucking on her c***

  • I love cleaning my wife p**** after shes been f*****. If i do a good job she lets me w*** on her feet and lick up my own c**

  • At first I was afraid until my wife told to imagine it being the young hot waiter’s c** in her from the steakhouse that night

  • Nice!!!

  • Yes I do it regularly with my wife after we have been intimate. I also do it when she comes back from a night out of dating her boss or when she indulges my elderly widowed father or my older brother. I just love it.

  • Yes yes yes. I love eating c** from a woman, don’t care if it’s mine or not.

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