Step daughters dirty panties

I like to m********* lick smell suck on my 13 yo step daughters dirty panties. My d*** has never been as hard. I also c** in her clan panties. Those smell and. tast the best after she worn the c** filled panties. Her p**** smell is intoxicating. I have been doing this for a while hoping it would grome her. The last pair of clean c** filled panties a g string she wore for 2 days. After i got done licking sucking and making sure to rub the white crust fron where her p**** was. I washed them yesterday when she got off the school bus today she got those same g string panties and put on too little gym shorts pulled way up. I think her p**** likes my c**. She is always bending over in front of me making sure i notice her. I want to f*** her so bad. A few times i f***** her she didnt know mom after i been playing wih her daughters sexy smelly p****. To my suprise her p**** c*** so hard that she squirts. I have lots more but all 4. Now


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  • You're a child rapist. The only thing you deserve is being locked up in prison and raped by every inmate.

  • 13 year old girls don't wear G strings and WHY THE F*** CAN YOU NOT SPELL ANYTHING??
    You probably have child brides where you live. You are f****** gross.

  • Have you ever made out with a shotgun?
    Don't forget to pull the trigger while you do, that's what makes you c** :)

  • I do the same

  • Yum

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