Im sooooo P*****!!

MY ex from last summer gave me an STD!!! THAT ASS!!!!!
Im getting tested and ma medicine on Saturday, but until then, i feel so dirty and its all his f****** fault!! im sure its chlymidia but of course, i doubt they just hand you medicine for what you THINK you have...but i swear to God above, Im going to kick his ass!! He better sleep with one eye open
and that fact that ive had this for like a year??!!!! THATS SO F***** UP!!!! Thank God I aint f***** nobody..They would ahve blamed me!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • we didnt go bareback you ass. The comdom broke and it was too late. He started nuttin. Dont say s*** if you dont know what happened

  • I'll tell you what I tell the grocery store clerk, double bag that s***, b****.

  • Its your own damn fault for being a stupid w****.
    Cover that s***.

  • I knew a guy who had.. herpes complex B or something like that. Oral herpes. Guess what he was doing. I guess it was between flareups. That s*** looks nasty. Paris Hilton has herpes.

  • chlamydia? that's a warning std. as much your fault as his for not using protection. 99.9% he didn't know he had it. guys don't get symptoms.. be thankful it's not herpes, chancroid, hiv syphillus...........those ones are for keeps

  • sorry i meant s*** not w**** in my post...and she coulda been usin birth control...that just covers pregnancy not stds, so i don't think shes a s***, a dumb ass, but not a s***

  • And on top of that the s** was unprotected. So you get what you deserve. If you were willing to go bare back then that what happens. And that does make you a s***.


  • how is she a w**** was her ex, and it is a good thing you didn't have s** with anyone, hopefully its nothing serious

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