What the H*** happened to Raw Confessions

It is or was ten times better than this website.

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  • Noteful's gone too, got hacked. Maybe this cesspool will be next, and all you basement dwelling sisterfuckers will be forced to learn how to talk to sane adults.

  • Blah blah same old insults. Come up with some new lines. You're the only basement dweller!

  • ^triggered basement dweller who can't handle the truth^

  • Boring insults again. We do you bother? Yawn

  • "We do you bother?"

    Try English. Or sobriety. Sorry about that raging butthurt there, btw! HAH!

  • "Butthurt" isn't actually a word. You are probably a typical American destroying the English language.

  • Wrong. The Cambridge Dictionary disagrees with you: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/butthurt

    Nice attempt at deflecting though. Now shut your BUTTHURT spewer and go play with the other waterheads.

  • It's got a lot of idiots on it now and people just putting massive Bible quotes on there( spam )

  • Miss that site

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