Married and hot for c*** - sharing with wife

I’m a married man, 51 and been married for over 20 years. Love my wife but s** is pretty infrequent. I’m more and more turned on by the idea of sucking another married man. I’d like to see his bulge grow as we chat then stroke it though his pants. They us unzip him and take him all in my mouth before sucking him hard until he c***. I’d also love to watch my wife f***** hard in front of me until she screams in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Once she’s done I would take over and suck him dry in front of her. Maybe I’d let him f*** me too

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  • Let me see pics and vids of her.

  • I too am in such a situation. Having an earnest like to suck some big d***. S** with wife is not so common. Sometimes we have mutual masturbation. Have a fantasy of threesome with big d*** fellow so my wife and me could suck and have f****** fun.

  • I am a straight guy but recently got to suck a c***. He came in my mouth. It was amazing!

  • I am 61 and after 20 years of marriage and 10 years of divorce, this stuff sounds like fun. I have never touched another man, but have sucking a c*** to completion on my bucket list. I'd f*** both you and your wife too!

  • I am a straight guy but recently got to suck a c***. He came in my mouth. It was amazing!

  • I want the exact same thing. I would love to clean her well used cream pie. We are same age, I do enjoy sucking d*** on occasion, unfortunately without the wife.

  • I’m in a similar situation. Been married for over 20 years to a full figured attractive wife. I know where my place is with her. I’ve discussed my situation with her and although she listens I think we are much closer to making it happen. At 46 she still has a very sexy body. I’m
    7 years older than her.I’ve told her time after time my little 5 inch c*** cannot perform like her body needs it to. She doesn’t argue so I know I’m getting through. I’ve discussed letting a young hung guy to sexually satisfy her needs.
    She gets turned on and ask me to roleplay it during s**. She gets so turned on. We’ve discussed me getting to choose the guy. It’s all to keep her from wandering off. She works with young guys who are always hitting and flirting with her. There are a few guys she would have s** with right now if she was a cheater. So it’s our agreement to continue talking about it to see where it goes

  • Her pics to jchege81atgmaildotcom. Ave a bbc

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