F****** b****

I hate me female boss. I’ll keep it simple and say I would like to cut off her Achilles’ tendons and torture her continuously for a month before finally applying a blowtorch to her chest.

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  • I agree. My old hag female Boss was lazy and ugly and hated anyone who wouldn’t suck up to her. She had other employees filling each other out to go back and tell her everything. She was a racist but hid it well. She never kept a promise and only gave good rating performances to her little pets. It caught up to them one year and most started to quit. She was a back stabbing red neck white trailer trash hating b****. F*** you Vicki L

  • A male here, same thing. Studies have proven that male bosses are more understanding and more willing to help than female bosses. Far from perfect, but you got the point. Female career-oriented bosses are almost exclusively self-centered twats who especially like to discriminate men. The problem is that society is so retarded that they still don't recognize female chauvinism, abuse and discrimination against men. As a matter of fact, corrupt western media and brainwashed semi-retarded sheeple, female and male, promote feminism and discrimination against men.

  • >male bosses are more understanding and more willing to help than female bosses

    Only if they want to f*** you (if you're female) or have season tickets (if you're male. More cherry picking from an overgrown boy who's still bitter that Claudia Schiffer never responded to his love letters.

  • K***

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