Confused from gay o*****

I'm a 20 years old Male and until Last Saturday night a virgin.

That might two guy I know came over to drink. They got me really drunk at I couldn't even stand. I don't know how or why it happened as they are not gay. But they put me on my bed, stripped me lubricated my ass and both took turns ass f****** me. They both lasted a long time and came in me.

They also videoed the whole thing, I never once said stop I was two drunk.

They kept forcing me to drink and then and hour later force me to blow them and swallow. They kept hitting and slapping me until I did it.

I known they raped me anally and orally. I feel so hurt they did this, but during the both ass f******* I got hard and came. Not just a little, but the most intense and best o***** of my life.

I also got hard while blowing them.

I am so disgusted with myself that I came that way. Why did I get hard from forced a*** rape? Why did i c** so hard and why did it feel so good?

I must be gay, I keep think about it and getting hard. I guess thet sensed I was gay and rapping me is what I deserve.


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  • I'm 17 and I'm totally confused by what recently happened to me. I've got a gorgeous girlfriend, I mean a total 10 and we're sexually active too.
    Well I was helping her gay uncle and his friend move into a new apartment in the city. We'd gotten everything in the apartment and I went to take a shower before pizza. Her uncle Bob's friend Will walk in and acted like it was the norm and remarked that I was definitely cute. I was covering myself the best I could till he left. We ate pizza ,drank beer and smoked pot. Before I knew it I was bottoms up and Will was inside of me. I don't know why but I was uncontrollably having an @gram. The same thing happened when uncle Bob was with me?
    I fell asleep and woke up really early in between the two of them. I snuck out and so far I haven't been with anyone else but think about it? My girlfriend says that I'm different now but doesn't know why?

  • You didnt resist or tell them no or that you didnt want them to f*** you which shows that you were willing,you wanted them to f*** you.You had several o****** while the two of them used you sexually which shows that you definatly enjoyed it and you still havent told anyone about having s** with those two men proves that you loved it enough that you want to do it again,and you are going to .Your girlfriend sences that you are different but cant pin point it ,,YET but she will.You are going to crave those two mens c**** and what they do to you that eventually you are going to start having problems when that hot girlfriend of yours wants you to f*** her like before you became addicted to c***.You are going to start having problems getting it up when she wants you to f*** her.And when or if you do finally get hard enough to get it in her tight p**** you wont be able to stay hard very long and will usually c** almost immediatly when you do penetrate her. You are going to let those two men f*** your mouth and ass so much that soon the only thing that will get you excited is mens c**** and your girlfriend will either catch you enjoying a hard c*** or will notice how you look at big strong men ,she will set you up so she can catch you sucking some guy she knows c*** and she will black mail you into doing all sorts of nasty gay s*** with men but by then you wont care,,you will do what ever she tells you to just so you can be her sissy slave

  • From the beginning when I was ten and let an older boy f**k me because I smoked a little pot with him and rationalized it telling myself that I only let him because I was high. Of course the short well worn and frayed cutoffs that showed off what underpants I was wearing had nothing to do with it, lol. I think I was twelve and had been intimate with a dozen boys already before I admitted to myself that a cute older boy with an erection was my ultimate turn on. All another boy at the time had to do is point his stiff stuff at me and my tighty-whitie boy panties were milky wet with anticipated excitement. Yes I was twelve when I got my first org*sm s*cking a15 year old about to f*ck my b*yp*ssy. He was gorgeous, and my first black c*cked wonder. It actually had nothing to do with his blackness, he just treated me so well.

  • Yoyur goingto love getting d**** all the time i promise

  • I got high (1st time) with some older boys who then took turns f**king me. I was so embarrassed that I did it with them I dodged them for over a week. They told other boys that they had s** with me and I liked it. They're right I did like it. I found c** in my underpants when I woke up in the morning two times already. That's never happened before. I think that I'm gonna hang out with them this week...

  • "Update" I've been hanging out with them and other guys too. It seems so weird that being with someone, another boy who really likes me is so cool and special. I've learned like lots of different things about my body and theirs!

  • Did you actually enjoy it? I mean, you aren't just being nice about what they did? It's perfectly fine if you're cool with what happened, and honestly I hope you are. But don't make a permanent decision on the basis of one occurrence.

  • Uh-huh, I really liked it and after being with them I wanted more and more to be with them again except just one at a time at different times, not one after another.

  • OMG! you are going to make such a precious little f**!!

  • Have your rapists been back to the scene of the rape yet? For your sake, I hope so.

  • I think by now you are missing the taste of c**. You have to have it or you can't live. You're becoming a f***** vampire.

  • You have made me c** multiple times. You are wonderful.

  • Damn you sound like a hot hot piece. wish i could get some of that.

  • I really love what a delicious lover you are! Have you had any further gay s** since the episode last Saturday night? Are you still getting the aftershock erections? Are you masturbating each time they happen? Do you fancy one of your partners over the other one? And if so, why so?

  • The male G-spot is up the a***. That is why you had a intense o*****.

  • There is no male g-spot. It might be prostrate gland!!

  • Same thing dumb ass

  • Shoot l wish I was there , I would have made sure u could not walk or sit down for a month .

  • ^this^ is the kind of man you need in your life. One that will take control and wear you out.

  • You won't want to hear this, but those two guys are going to come back. And this time, they are going to bring their friends. Not only will you be filled with all their c**, you'll be covered in it, as well. It's going to be an unbelievable mess, and it'll be beautiful. If you aren't gay now, you will be when THAT is over.

  • You obviously already know the answers to all your questions. Yes, they knew you were gay. You've been giving off subtle hints of your openness to what they did, probably for years, but certainly for months. The fact that you continue even now to develop erections whenever you think of what the three of you shared means you are gay. It also means you are in love with the two of them, and you want this perverted triangle to continue indefinitely. You may or may not end up remaining involved with both of them in the very long term, but for now, the three of you are in a relationship, and they are waiting for you to come to your senses and invite them back for Round Two. I hope you do that soon, and give yourself to them even more deep and dirty. I also hope you aren't even slightly considering ending this magnificent affair. What they did wasn't an act of rape. It was an act of love. They saw what you were begging for and they gave it to you. Consider yourself lucky, darling. And bring them back to you. Do it today. You know you want it. And all of us out here know you want it. And those two boys know you want it, too. You want it and you love it. Please let them come back to you.

  • A*** s** does not make you gay ffs! Just because you enjoyed it doesn’t make you gay either. You were drunk and you enjoyed what normally you’d run away from

  • Of course it makes u gay...

  • No it does not, not yet. It was forced upon him and a case of rape!!

  • This was so totally NOT rape. They could tell what he wanted and what he needed, and so they gave it to him. He basically asked for it. And he was lucky to get it. Not every gay man gets converted so enthusiastically. Or so beautifully.

  • I'd be willing to bet he was flirting and teasing them for days or weeks beforehand. And now he's got the nerve to try and act like he didn't seduce them. Smh. What a douche. But they'll be back for sure now.

  • I agree with ^you^, totally and completely, in every way, but particularly about the lead-up seduction. You're right: he'd had that hunger for weeks and he targeted these boys and put them in a position where they could make a guilt-free move on this guy and teach him the ropes of homosexuality, giving him the pleasure he so desperately wanted. And yes.....they will SURELY be back again, and soon!!!! Well-said!!!!

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