Drank someone's c** from used condom

While walking through the railway track, I saw a used condom filled with after s** c**. I took it home, went to the bathroom and slowly untied the knot and rolling down the condom sucked and swallowed the c** and turning inside out licked the inside of the condom clean. Then I rolled it on my erect p**** and masturbated and came in the condom and then too drank my own c** and licked it clean. Washed the condom and used to masturabate wearing that condom many times while bathing. I was only 15 years old and enjoyed the thrill till it was torn and had to throw away.

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  • Better pierce the end of the condoms by your teeth and suck on .....

  • Me alongwith my Mom was visiting a recently married couple at their residence. He was out and my Mom and the new wife were busy in the kitchen talking and cooking. I 15 year old girl being bored wandered into the bedroom of the couple and my eyes fell on the dustbin near the bed with a pink condom which filled with the recently f***** c** with a knot on it. Watching my back took the c** filled condom and going to the bathroom slowly opened it and sniffed the smell of the c** for the first time in my life. Slowly rolling back the condom I inserted one finger and dipped into the white stuff and once more smelling it and just licked my finger. It tasted like egg white and slightly salty. Then I just gulped all the c** from the condom and putting it inside out sucked and licked it clean. Thereafter I dropped it in the toilet and flushed it down. With the taste of c** in my mouth I just went to the kitchen as if nothing happened but I felt too h****.

  • Funny but not interesting at all!!

  • I do that all the time. I look for used condoms everywhere I go friends co-workers neighbors and family members even cheap motels. I swallow all of the c** out of the used condom while I'm jerking off.

  • Have you ever thought of collecting the s**** and preserve them in your freezer for future use of you or your gf?

  • Yes freezes well, still has the sweet taste

  • Make some c** snow b**** love them with little boys c**

  • Yes boy c** is soooooo good

  • Anybody want my c** c** and get it fresh sweet c**

  • Doggie c** better

  • Picayune miss, for d*** lovers

  • Just find some guy who needs a bj and suck him off and get a mouthful of fresh c**

  • Precisely! Get it fresh and from the source!

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