Lady rubbed her p**** over my shoulder and I came in my pants

It was a crowded bus and mid aged lady slim and gorgeous just standing beside my seat just supporting herself by the seat side awkwardly placed her p**** on my shoulder and while the bus was moving she too started swinging and rubbing her p**** on my shoulder, knowingly or unknowingly, I have no idea. However, I enjoyed the situation as I could feel her pubic hair grazing my shoulder. My c*** was erect in my pants bulging down and it was throbbing with excitement I could not control myself and I covered it with the magazine in my hand. After a little while I could not withstand the pressure and I simply came in my panties and I had to move forward a little and thereafter to avoid the c** come out of my pants had to raise by legs folding and resting it on to the back of the front seat and slide by back down in my seat. Before getting down the bus I ensured to pull out my shirt which was in inserted in my pants. Back home I had another masturbation.

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  • Minul oli ka taoline olukord bussis.Buss oli rahvast täis ja üks vanem daam seisis minu kõrval püsti jalad väheke laiali sest kohver oli jalgevahel.Minul tekkis mõte ta sabaalust katsuda.Kuna ma istusin siis oli kerge talle käsi jalgevahele ajada.Hakkasin siis kätt suunama sinna kuna buss raputas ka sain käe kord korralt ülessepoole ajada.Lõpuks jõudsin talle hargivahele ja tundsin juba aluspükse.Daam proovis küll oma jalgu kokku pigistada aga kohvri pärast ei saanud.Höörusin oma kätt ta jalgevahel millele ta vastas oma vastu höörumisega.Sain oma käe lõpuks läbi ta pükste niiskeks ja siis tuli daamil mahaminek.Proovisin teda jälgida aga väljas oli pime.See juhtus öisel liinil ja bussis oli ka pime sõiduajal.

  • A have a similar situation where this particular group of women grope a buddy & myself.
    I've c** home dripping & have intense s** with my wife who has no idea but appreciates attention.

  • It was a similar situation in a late night crowded bus. I just shoved my hand under her skirt, pushed aside the thong covering her p**** and found out her c*** to stroke - she came within a few minutes!!

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