Colleague's wife's nude photos and video

One day my colleague in the next room called me for some help on his hanged computer. I sat on his computer and started to sort out the problem. Just midway Boss called him to his chamber leaving me alone to fix his computer in his cabin. After fixing the glitches and rebooting I just was checking his temporary folders and saw some .jpg files. To my surprise it was the nude pictures of his wife. I tracked the hidden folders and copied the contents to my pen drive. As he came back I just told him that his computer has been fixed and is running fine and left. Back in my cabin I checked my friends folder. He had made a video of his wife lying nude and telling her to turn over and then to back and to raise her butts up. He was using an old mobile and the video was grainy. His wife was also saying that I will leave if you are not stopping that filming act. To which my friend says Don't worry I will not show this to anyone. However, he artistically filmed each features of his wife while rolling on her he had zoomed to take close up of her p****. It was less hairy and while she lifts her butts gives and peek of her open v*****. But there was no s** act in it, only the nude video of his wife. The pictures were also taken by the mobile phone itself and was also not that good. But the pictures had better closeups of her p**** wide open and her b****. Last a selfie of both husband and wife standing before the mirror. Back home I masturbated viewing her beautiful pictures and the nude video.

Later two months back while having a cup of tea my colleague told he had bought a new camera with good resolution. I knew he may be taking photos of his wife in nude. At times when he is not in his cabin I would check his computer for such pictures and videos. But none came handy. Luckily the other day he came to my cabin with a pen drive demanding to provide him the soft copies of certain official documents. Since I was too busy with some urgent work, I told him after the completion of my work the documents shall be copied and told to leave the pen drive with me. He left leaving the pen drive with me and after completion of my work, I copied the requisite documents to his pen drive. Just while checking the copied status, I saw a folder under the name PERSONAL. Just checked to see clear photos of his nude wife. Her features were clear as the resolution was of standard quality with sufficient light. Copied it to my computer and later to my phone and still masturbating on her nude photos.


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