Ass licking

When I was 14 I put peanut butter on my a****** Andy dog licked it once. Its been two years and now I feel like complete s*** about it. I want to tell my dad about it because that would make me feel better. But I don't want him to be freaked out by me.

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  • Omg

  • I am speaking from experience, I felt guilty after the first time I let the dog lick me, but a couple of days later I was ready again and so was he, we were both enjoying it so what's the problem, get on with it and enjoy it

  • There is no point in telling anybody, or if you feel you need to, tell it to a psychiatrist. There's no harm in what you did. Move on.

  • I used to have the dog lick my ass also, while I jacked off. Don't tell him. It won't fix anything

  • Don’t tell him, he will beat your ass

  • Don't worry, lots of people put peanut butter or honey around their privates for dogs to lock. It's doesn't cause any harm. No one needs to know.

  • Yes it does, it’s creepy, stick to crossdressing

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