The stereotype of malay people in malaysia is totally true, LAZY!

Few week ago i go request upgrade for my internet speed. they request me to fill form and and say will help me upgrade it to 4 or 8mbps. but few days later they call me and told me that my place just got 2mbps port left, i doesnt got any choice just can say ok and let it upgrade it from 1mbps to 2mbps.

but 2 weeks have pass, the speed at my home still same, and i go there live chat service, they reply me say i just request to upgrade it to 8mbps so there will got no action about upgrade my 1mbps network.
upgrade the cheap copper to fiber lazy
upgrade the speed that still use cheap copper also lazy.

so at the end is that the malay in malaysia totally lazy cause got government link company that will hier them even they no do the job. cause it is government money. the money that lazy politician for support the lazy malay citizen to continue vote them in election.

so my conclusion is that i sometime feel that it will more better if someone come start the war in with the malaysia for rip this stupid malay special right country.

Aug 31, 2019

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