Wife and I enjoy oral s** more than intercourse

For years now my wife and I have indulged in oral s** more than intercourse. I think for her, what made her love it was the first time I asked her to give me a b******. She was hesitant at first not knowing what to do but I coached her and encouraged her and I give her many compliments on her "skill level". She really got good at it and now has a confidence level that's off the charts. Anyway, she told me after that first time, that she liked it because there was no mess to clean up, and oral can be given with clothes on, however naked is best. She really went bonkers the first time I gave her oral. I love to compliment her body and never give any negative feedback to make her embarrassed. She Said she loved the tongue action on her c***, never felt anything so powerful or that felt as good as that and she always has multiple o****** that way, she said she has a hard time reaching o***** by intercourse. So on any given evening, we take turns pleasuring each other. I'll lick her into oblivion and after a rest, she'll take my c*** down her throat and she has even had an o***** while sucking me off. She has given me b******* everywhere, but giving her spontaneous oral in public isn't as easy. But I make up for it. the best place she likes me to lick her in public is the local drive in movie. Yup, we still have one. We have an SUV with blackened out windows and when all the seats are laid flat there's more than enough room for playtime. So for her time here, I blow up an air mattress before leaving home, throw in lots of blankets and pillows for her comfort. The movie she picks is usually some cartoon or a drama, I have no interest at all in either of these, so she lies down where she can see the movie out the windshield and I crawl in between her legs and feast on her delicious p****. We both thoroughly enjoy this activity and the drive in is open 7 months out of the year, but during the school months there aren't many cars in the parking lot so privacy is pretty much a given. Usually, during intermission, we both need a position change, so we'll go to the consignment shop, use the bathroom, get a snack, and then once the lights go out for the second feature, she gives me a loving b****** because by now I have a real need for her, then I take my place between her legs again, and pleasure her for another hour or so. Just as the move is about to end, she'll give me another b****** before getting back in the front seat to head home. Then we will usually have leisurely intercourse at home for the rest of the night.


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  • If she really loves oral that much you should watch her suck other hot guys c****. I don’t mean any guy or stranger.
    Ask her what she thinks about it. Don’t expect a definite yes right away. Give it sometime and role play while getting sucked. I bet it starts to work

  • I wish my ex wife was like yours. She hated oral both giving and receiving. And s** was not often after the wedding.

    One day my mother in law Jess came to me and said " I know my daughter doesn't please you in bed, but I want you. I've wanted you for years. Stop wasting time with her and be with me."

    Jess was 48 at the time, a little chunky but with nice b**** and a pretty face. We ended up in bed that day and started a 4 month affair.

    Then I filed for a divorce, my wife didn't care, and signed over everything to me. 5 months later married Jess. On our wedding day Jess was 3 months pregnant. We have a beautiful girl whose 15 now.

    The s** with Jess is non stop. She always wants my c***. The older she gets the more she wants.

    When her daughter found out she freaked out and never spoke to us again.

    Lesson to be learned Ladies, blow your man, or your Mom may do for you and steal him away.

  • I agree oral turns u into a monster. My wife begs me to stop but keep on doing her like a beast. She keeps away from me i want more n more woman every single sec to be honest

  • Have ever had oral during her mensuration. It tastes a bit b***** but it will give you the thrill of high s**

  • Oral s** is amazing! Me and my sister spend a lot of time giving each other oral s**. Favourite position for us has got to be the 69ner position.

  • So hot. I like to face f*** my gf but that's because I like it rough. Early on, had to do it standing on a towel because sometimes she'd gag and vomit but she's learned more self control

  • Real man eats p****. Go on with p**** but then do not forget to f*** her too!!

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