30 years as a stud f****** other mens wives.

For the first couple yeas as a stud it was a learning thing for me I started out just doing lonely wives until I found out man were interested on getting their wives f***** while they watched and I found my place.
I enjoy talking to customers some are with experience already and we talk about past lovers and what first attracted them into this life style .
Most are just regular people you might meet on the street and never suspect they have this secret side to them and some are just perverts looking for a thrill that I try to avoid,
the first timers are fun because the woman is usually pretty nervous about what is going to happen so I take my time with them and joke around tryig to get her to relax and it usually works but I have found that almost every one of them old-timers or newbies once they relax a little once I show them my c*** within just a few moments are on their knees sucking on my c***.
It must be something like whenever I see a breast I want to suck it .
Their stories about what brought them to this point are mostly the woman saying he pestered me for months or weeks before I finally gave in but those gals once we get started f*** just as nasty as any street w**** and I love them all for it god I like this life .
Different women different story's but the p**** is the same every time. I have a thick c*** so mot many women are to loose for me

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  • How many husbands sucked your c***

  • I didn't count but quite a lot of them did.

  • Nice.. I talked my wife into seducing the neighbors son who was back from military leave. It started off as a b****** in our back patio then later it escalated to full blown s**. It’s just trill and excitement of seeing her trying to handle a much bigger c***. She has finally accepted it and loves inviting young guys over.

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