Wearing panties

I’ve tried to stop wearing panties so many times. I struggle with what public will think if they find out. My wife is okay with me wearing panties but not at all turned on like I wish she would be. I have my panties specially made for male anatomy with lots of lace. I’m only attracted to women. What’s wrong with me? So many times I’ve thrown them away $$$ only to buy more.
I feel sexy and turned on.

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  • I've worn panties since I was 5 years old. Started with my sisters and neighbor girls. I'm addicted to nylon. I love thinking about the fact the panties were made for females.

  • Way more guys wearing panties out there than most think but a lot won't admit it, I am willing to bet if stuff wasn't "labelled" by society and they were willing to try them on most men would choose a good fitting pair of panties over men undies, in hot weather a thin cool nightdress rather than pj's, tights under their trews in winter in cold climates instead of long undies etc etc but corporations want to influence everything so they can sell "girls" " boys " "womens" " mens" and charge more for the same piece of material, I wear only panties, sleep in a nightdress in summer and a nice soft pink onesie in winter, wear tights in winter, call me "gay" "f**" "perv" I don't care it is just material and material does not influence your sexual preference

  • I love spandex leggings. I wear them all the time. Nothing wrong with you it just feel amazing

  • I'm a panty wearing married man but lately I've wanted to suck a small smooth shaved c*** and I probably would swallow never touched one before but hey ya gotta try everything once

  • All I wear is pantys and at night I wear cami,s love the feel and my wife says I'm sexy in them I'm 56 and been wearing them since the 80,s

  • What's the big deal it is just material in a different shape or design, I wear nothing but panties and have for years, I just find them more comfy,

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