I have quadruplets. 3 girls 1 boy and when my wife goes out of state for work I force my 7 year old son to help me rape sister 3 sisters I rape there p**** and he rapes there a******. I have been doing this since they were 4. I force my son to take viagara. after a while he f**** there p**** and i f*** there a******. they are now 13 and i still do it. I even have naked pictures of the girls from 3 months old to present. my sons friends even want a piece of his sister's p****. now my son his 25 friends and my self run trains on all 3 of my 13 year old daughters. there p**** is the best p**** i have ever had. I plan on impersonating them all about six different times. tell me what you think


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  • I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Rape hurts
    i was raped b4 3 times

  • Luck X4! That must be hot when you both are DD them!

  • You should probably put a gun to your head and fire it. But that’s just my take

  • My son begs me to let him be that he doesnt like raping his sisters. also I told him that when he was 16 that he would f*** his high school sweetheart. we went to her house and kidnapped amber and her six sisters all under the age of 3. he f***** amber and I forced amber to watch m ed molest her sister's who were no more than 2 years old. the youngest was 3 months old and the oldest was 2 years old. i absolutely destroyed there p******. I ate there p****. than I sodomized there a*******. amber cried and begged for me to stop. I said ok but you have go out on a date and have unprotected s** with my best friend and let me watch you have s** with him. she said ok. she didn't know it was my son tyler but I said you have to have s** with Tyler baucom. she said fine. so tyler f***** and impragnated her. my son said thank you dad. he now has five daughters with amber. now tyler and my self take turns f****** his daughters. my granddaughters love spending time alone with there grandpa.

  • Best way is find a nice tight young p**** and f*** her until she is prggy, she gives birth to a girl and you start her sucking right away, get her use to s** until she has a baby, kick mum out and start f****** the daughter, rinse and repeat that way you always have one old enough to f*** and the rest sucking your d*** and getting their p**** licked

  • The only thing you should be doing in killing yourself genetic slop

  • That's hot I love them from baby and up, love the taste of p**** covered in p*** and the tight ass

  • Put a gun to your head and fire it. That’s my take

  • You want that young p**** too just can't admit it, nothing better having your d*** in a kiddy

  • Hmm. I know of a secluded place where you can demonstrate for me. No one knows about it but me. Hmu... ;)

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