Embarressing erection

I once went to a Halloween party In college and i decided it would be funny to just wear an all red nighttime onesie with the little flap on the back, that was super plush and felt soft against my skin. I didnt wear anything underneath it, so it was really lose and a little saggy and kinda funny.
So I'm at the party and everything is going good until I see a group of girls walk in dressed as slutty schoolgirls, with way short plaid skirts and cute cotton pink panties. I knew them and they came over to chat with me and my friends. I didnt think much about it at first but this one girl who was my friends girlfriend and I had a huge crush on her.
Well she came over and ran her hand down my back and patted the little flap on my butt, and giggled. She then ran her other hand down my chest, stopping at my belly and said aren't you cute. I instantly knew I was in trouble.
I felt the blood rush to my groin and then felt my c*** begin to swell in the loose onesie. The other girls came over and just the same they all wanted to run there hands on the soft fabric of my outfit. Within seconds I'm standing In a room of people with 3 girls crowded around me and my c*** was now fully erect and sticking straight out in onesie. I froze and hoped no one would look down but it was hopeless.
I was terrified and confused just as the first girl looked down and said OMG Anon has a huge b**** right now, and she reached down and squeezed it over the soft fabric of my red onesie. I thought I was gonna c** Instanltey when I felt her hand wrap around my d***, I could feel myself go flush and a huge surge of c** starting up my shaft.
I cant remeber what I said but I made a joke and ran to the bathroom. I made it inside and shut the door frantically reaching down I pulled the onesie down off my shoulders, the fabric slipping down my waist and crumpling at my feet my c*** jumping out just in time with my hand gripping the shaft I shot huge jets of c** Into the toilet.
I was a quick cumer but this was nearly instant from when she grabbed my c***. I waited a minute, then headed back out to the party, luckily without a huge c** load in my costume onesie. A bunch of people laughed at me and the my friends girlfriend the one that grabbed me came over and asked jokingly if I was gonna get excited again. I laughed and said no "that was an accident, you were just to cute in that outfit". I think she didnt know that I just came so quickly In the bathroom because she kept trying to rub and feel on my onesie to get it to happen again. It didnt and that was the end of the story.

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