Dog eat

I was soooo h**** so let let my dog eat my p***y

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  • Girls and dogs are amazing If any girls really does anything with their dog and being completely honest and not one of these ppl lying plzz add me on snapchat . Say dog when u add me. girls only plz of any age. I'm a young guy DNT be shy. Andyc2104

  • I want to watch

  • Hot!

  • That is a favorite fantasy of mine watching some girl or woman getting physical with her dog. Watching the dog mounting her, and then having her suck on the dog's hard crimson co_k as it squirts a hot load dog c** all over their faces is so hot. Gets me off everytime. I'm a guy & I would love to do a dog.

  • Nothing wrong with that, enjoy.

  • Yes, you would love it. I posted this elsewhere. I am 17 yo and always h****. I do it quite often. Last time I grabbed some of his food and rubbed it on my thighs. My dog came to clean up, licking my thighs in a very pleasurable way. I removed my little shorts along with my panties. I then spread my legs and started masturbating as I rubbed some food all over my wet p****. He came in and began to lick. “Ahh,” I moan in pleasure. His quick tongue movements massaged my little p**** and I began to c** on his face. Now I was h**** as h***! I got up, spread some more food, and lay back with legs spread. I nervously stick some of it into my p**** hole. This time real deep and he started the licking, thrusting his long rough tongue in my v*****. I moaned loudly as it felt so good!
    I get an idea, and I turned over and got in all fours. He licked my butt hole thoroughly. Then he got on top of me. I could feel his d***, hard and a little wet, found my p**** slit. With no second thought, he started thrusting his erect c*** me into my p****. At first, it hurt a little. I yelled in pain but then I got comfortable with it. The good thing about dogs, is that they don’t get tired for a long time. Even though his d*** was not all the way in, he kept giving me o****** just for lasting so long. It felt good! Finally, I decided to pull out, and crawled under him. I put his d*** in my mouth and started licking it. Soon, he spilled a hot liquid all over my face, and I let the boy go.
    I was still very h****.

  • Dont need to rub food. Just dribble little buts if pee and it will drive him crazy. You will c** hard

  • You're RAPING AN ANIMAL you DUMB C***

  • When I was younger I had a friend who let her dog f*** her. Didn't look like rape to me. Dog looked very f****** happy.

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