Drunk mother s**

I had s** with my drunk mother. She was so drunk that I was able to undress her feel her up and she never said anything to me so quickly I got on top of her and had s** with her and came deep inside of her. She has never said anything to me about it to this day. This really happened and is totally the truth

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  • I first had a sexual relationship with my mum when I was 15. She had gotten herself very drunk that New Year's Eve, and asked me to help her to her bed. After I'd undressed her to put on her nightdress, I suddenly had a enormous erection at the sight of her shaven love-hole. I pushed her onto the bed, and within minutes I was ramming as hard as I possibly could. Before long, my come was spurting inside her.
    In the morning, Mum realised what I had done to her. At first, she was a little angry , but soon forgave me. She said in a whisper, "John, if you really need to come off, you can do it in me. I don't mind."
    That night, I went to her room, as she was getting into bed. Mum smiled knowingly at me, and raised her nightdress to show me that she wasn't wearing panties. We did it twice that night. Now I sleep in her bed, and Mum and myself are like a normal man and wife.

  • That's great good for you!

  • Can you describe what she looks like .... please

  • Congratulations! But don't stop now. Keep f****** her whenever you get the opportunity, and sooner or later she'll acknowledge your doing her and let you know how much she likes it. Or, like my Aunt, make like she didn't know and let me f*** her anytime I went to visit. After a year she no longer got drunk, but only acted drunk and I kept right on enjoying her.

  • Did she give you any sign that she was consenting to s**? This a important question because you need to know whether you can approach her for s** again. I used to have s** frequently with my mum and it was completely consensual. It is something very special between a son and mother.

  • Was she wet enough to receive your c*** into her p**** or you used some lube? If she had said nothing about it, then f*** her again when not drunk.

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