I have quadruplets. 3 girls 1 son about from 3 months old I have been f****** my daughters. when my son and daughters turn 7 I forced my son to help me gang rape his sisters. at the age of 9 I got 50 friends to help me and my son rape my daughters. when they were 12 I got my 3 daughters pregnant. at the age of 12 I forced my son to impregnate his 3 sisters that r the same age as him. I plan on age 12 I impregnate my daughters age 13 my son does age 14 I do 15 my son does and will do this until i die. I will also impregnate my granddaughters. tell me what you think.


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  • Wen i was 12 or 11 I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • You’re neglecting your son. You should be oral with him and ride his rump often, too!

  • Bs dude

  • You are some vile motherfukers on here

  • I keep telling them that, lol

  • You are one sorry excuse of a man death is to good for you I hope you suffer till the day you die along with the s*** that think like you

  • I love f****** them. It is so great

  • Great way of taking care of the little c****! I'm jealous of you and your son. It's going to be amazing when your f***** the grandkids

  • Yes in deed

  • Tell me more.

  • If u have daughters or sisters age 3 months to 9 years old i have a deal for you

  • Me too ! I'll take the 3mo old

  • Please tell me more

  • This sounds so sexy I'd love to witness it

  • Yawn

  • Noone:

  • Oh God, what a beautiful family you have. Never mentioned Mom, is she a part of all of this or does she not know about it. She needs to teach her daughters how to love a woman, and give your son some of mommy's loving.

  • Died a couple years after they were born

  • Nice, start them young as once they hit 14 they are done

  • I keep f****** them cause my d*** is the only one besides my sun that goes in there p****

  • Please kill yourself. Stop molesting and raping kids.

  • Why this is normal

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