Anyone involved with incest or even contemplate it is a pig. It is one of the most immoral acts I can think of.

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  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with s** between relatives

  • Really stupid thing to say!

  • I have fond memories of s** with my sister. It's great.

  • Don't think about it.

  • It's only f******.

  • OP didn't say what was wrong. He only said, he can't think.

  • I think you miss read this

  • There's nothing better than the realisation that you about to c** inside your mother!

  • If you have never felt the pleasure of your d*** in your little girl don't judge

  • Exactly, although I would said it differently. There's nothing more pleasurable than making love to family.

  • I think invest is hot!

  • Incest I mean lol

  • Why are you so against it? With birth control I think it's ok. I'm had s** with my sister and I don't see a problem with it. Please tell me why you think it's so wrong?

  • If you believe that, then you should stop engaging in it.

  • Why?

  • There's nothing wrong with incest between adults.

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