I (female) love giving B*******

Yes I love sucking c***. Even typing it here makes me h**** and wet.
Inbetween I am 36 , married with son and daughter. And I know, how many women think about it bein disgusting. especially swallowing the sperm. I just love that! And I learned giving deep throat at a young age.

I have been 10 or 11 when i watched my brother (13 then) and his friends when they enjoyed p***. Then they have watched the old movie "deep throat" on the comp. Today I know, the plot is that the Woman has her c*** not down there but in her throat. so each time when a man enters her throat she has an o*****.

At that time I was amazed how it excited the boys. they talked all the time about it. and at least I asked them. they never notized me upto then. I have been the small girl sitting in the corner and who never said a word.

From the 4 boys (13-14) two confessed the have been blown already. One by his bis sister one by a girl of school. and both told, the girls did not like it and only did it for the boys. I told them I did not understand because what I had seen in the films the girls did enjoy it too.

They dared me to try it myself. and i, wanted to be a big girl, did it. that evening I sucked all 4 boys off. yes, my brother too. His friend had told his sister even did it. so why not?!

All the time i sucked them (by the way, I did not find it disgusting), I have been excited when they came and spurted in my mouth and for me i was completely normal to swallow, what is in my mouth. But all the time I had to think about what the girl in the Movie did.

When the boys tried to put it deeper in me, I got puffed up. How did she do it? I did not get it off my head. From that first time on I was a welcome guest with my brother and his friends and I liked it at least as well as they did when I sucked them off.

By the way, from a older friend from school I lent a fake c*** that was not that thick and with that I tried and tried to put it down my throat. I was infected by it. I wanted to do. and I learned ist. by the time the nausea became less and less.

Then on a saturday afternoon I told my brother, I wanted to show them something. They all watched me opening my brothers pants and start sucking him. As usual he after w while put his hands on my head and pushed it down. even as usual i pressed against his hands when it became uncomfortable. this time I did not and he suddenly slided all the way in.

they all looked with big eyes and could not believe it. I knew how I could breath through my nose and so my brother could f*** my throat for real. I was the bis sensation for the boys.

Thats how I started being a throat c*** (my brother called me that). No one who watched me do that could not believe it. My mom who saw it accidentally one evening stood there with open mouth. She for real thought, that is something only professionals do.

Why do I tell it here and now? I have caught our daughter (12) having the little c*** of her brother (10) in her mouth. that woke the memories about my own brother (and his friends).


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  • I need some service...where you at

  • Here’s a big thick load for you. 30 y/o

  • My wife at the age of 46 years old has recently been hugely turned on by sucking young 20-23 year old college guys. It started at Mardi Gras when they begged her to see her t***. And after drinking most of the day it was already very late she said she would show them if they showed her their c****. They were more than happy and when she saw one guy who she right away became attracted to she touched and rubbed his c*** as he touched her t***. Then they get asking her to suck him when she looked around and started hungrily sucking him making loud moaning sounds which pretty much showed she was in love with his c***.
    He let out a huge load into her mouth without warning and she tried to swallow as much as possible before another c*** was near her mouth and she opened and did the same to him. We immediately jumped into bed and started talking about her new desire

  • So hot! I wish I was there. I would love to have had you suck my d***. I would even have paid you.

  • I'm a guy and I love sucking c***. I love to swallow a guys c**, and the live the taste of it. I love a guys c*** in my ass just as much.

  • I would love to have you suck me. I would love to put it in your ass. I love a*** s**. I would do it to you whenever or wherever you want baby. Just call me up to come over and be waiting on your bed on all fours. I would lick you first and then slide it in. I would stay the night with you and do you all night.

  • I too am a man that loves c***! I started sucking d*** at the age of 6. I started on my older brothers, but soon after at the age of 8 started on the neighbor's and a couple school friends. I'm not gay, but am very bisexual. I'm almost 53 years old now and am very happy being married to a woman that knows and encourages my bisexuality. Living on Whidbey Island in Washington near a Navy base makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!

  • I'm in my sixties and not gay, and though it's been a few years I highly recommend sucking c*** at least once, you might be surprised. As well, I think a lot of guys out there would be pleasantly surprised at getting their ass f*****. And it's a great way to convince your wife to take your c*** up her ass, if she doesn't already.

  • Have never had one in my mouth or my rear. I do think about it when I dress like a πŸ‘§ being on my hands and knees while he's sliding his shaft into I like to call it my man slit maybe onouther one in my πŸ‘„ at the same time. I have been licking and tasting my c** from my fingers. And i
    clean and wash all my precum wet stains off my panties using my πŸ‘„ I am getting wet right now thinking about it

  • Lets talk my c** tastes goof

  • I would love to try a c*** in my ass. I love doing a*** to my girlfriend and I been pegged before but I wanna try a nice hard hot c***

  • Sounds like fun

  • I only have my wife's dilldo

  • So would I we should chat with each other while being naughty jerking off

  • I would let you have fun with my c*** only if I am wearing a nice top and panties garters hose ...

  • Would love playing with you

  • I get wet thinking about you sucking me while dressing like a πŸ‘§

  • My gf took a while to deep throat. We would have her kneel on towels and have a bucket beside us as she would gag and sometimes vomit. I enjoy it rough and would force her on by grabbing her hair.

  • I’m married to a gorgeous fit lady.
    My office is near a college campus.
    I get all the s** I want from wife just love sucking those hard big college c****.
    Love how much bigger they grow and how much huge loads they pump out vs my little c***. I imagine all the c**** my wife had in college as she was a champion c*** sucker. Sucked many one nighter guys c****

  • I was 8 when I would spy on mom and dad. Mom sucked his c*** but refused to swallow even though her begged her.
    He could c** in her mouth but she spit it out.

    One Saturday mom was out for the day, dad was in the shower and I got in with him and held his c***.

    He said you can't do that, I begged him and kept grabbing it, he pushed me away. But some how I got my mouth on It and sucked, Dad froze and I kept doing what I saw mom do all those times of spying.

    Soon I felt his hand on my head, and then he said I c******, and I tasted c** for the first time. I forced myself to swallow it. Then show Dad my empty mouth.

    He started kissing me saying I love you so much. Your Dad's perfect little girl.

    That started a life time of oral and regular s** with Dad. Two years later Mom divorced Dad. I was 10 and wanted to live with him. Mom new guy was only 25 and she never really wanted me.

    30 years have passed now and Dad and I still f*** like crazy. Our favorite this still is me blowing him in the shower.

    Our 19 year old daughter is also into her Dad since last year. I love watching her in her knees take him in her mouth, but I insist we share his c** I want a share of it. I let her swallow half. When they have s** I lick her creamy pie clean. I want Dad c** in my belly.

    I love him so much!!

  • Love to have your daughter sucking mine

  • I (male) also love giving b*******! LOL!

  • Only when I am dressed like a girl

  • Sucking d*** is the best

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