My body wants Daddy's Cock 24/7

I'm a 30 year old woman, with a nice smile, most guys say I'm pretty and have a sweet personality. I have a slim body, B cup b**** and nice legs. I have also been using my Mom's identity since I was 15. We look so much alike especially now that I am an adult.

But the only man for me is my Daddy. Mom died when I was 15 soon after she passed I couldn't fight my desire for my father. We gave in together and became lover and in love.

I feel like his wife in every way and am in every way. We have two daughters who we love so much.

Daddy is 54 and his body is rock hard and muscular. And so good looking, think George Clooney . His c*** is perfect for me 7 inches and not too thick.

Daddy insisted I try a relationship with other men to see if what we have is real. The other guy were nice, but some of their c**** seemed to large but most seem to small.

Daddy's c*** fits my p**** perfectly. It as if his c*** was made just for me. When he is in me the head of his c*** hit at special spot inside me and makes me c** every time. I love s** with him. He is so good and lasts a long time. And he can go several times a day.

Swallowing his c** is my favorite thing to do sexual. I give him head every morning before he goes to work so he can think about his little girl's mouth on c*** and how she swallows all his c**.

We live on the west coast and no one questions that we are married. I am so happy, and we are so in love.


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  • My daughter fool me into f****** her my wife was to go to her sister but her car would not start her sister pick her up got home from work had a few drinks before going to bed thought it was my wife in bed spoon her and worked my c*** into her found her tight shot my load into her she had c** twice by then turn round and said thank for that after that f*** she she wanted me bareback again

  • Coyly with your dad and ask him whether you can share his bed as you did in your childhood. Upon his consent, do it for couple of nights in short see-through sleeping dress and nuzzle his body, sleep spooning from behind while stroking his nips. If he turns around, let him fondle your b**** while kissing him, now search for his erect c*** to hold by your hand. The rest will take its own course to what you looked for!

  • I was a little late didn't bag my daughters cherry but now f*** her at least 3 times a week when wifesxat work I am 50 she is 19.

  • Good for you, glad you and you daughter enjoy each other

  • Dad should always be the one to pop the cherry

  • Totally agree. It should always be a parent. Boys should lose their virginity to their mothers as well.

  • Good for you!!!!!!

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