S** Slave for a night

Out of love for my partner, i was a s** slave for a group of guys in a hotel room in the city for the night. It wasn't something that I had ever thought of doing but it was something he had spoken about with me quite a few times, it was his biggest fantasy to watch me have s** with other guys for some reason. I had only had s** with three other guys before i met him and wasn't very experienced sexually, being a s** slave for so many guys was a little bit scary to be honest and i really didn't want to to do it at all. I thought that if i did it just to please him that would be the end of it for good and we could go back to being in a normal relationship together. I told him that i wanted to do it for him and told him to make all the arrangements for the following weekend so that I didn't have much time to change my mind. Without going through all the details of the that following weekend, i can tell you that it was the scariest thing i ever thought of doing and as soon as I was naked on the bed that night, the guys were all over me and it was a real shoke to me and my body. The things they were doing to me plus what they got me to do to them was dirty but i found myself getting overly excited by it all. I had o***** after o***** for what felt like nothing I'd ever felt before and my juices flowing like i had left the tap on, soaking the bed in little puddles. Every hole was filled as they took turns, passing me around like a toy as my partner sat in a chair and watching them with a huge smile on his face, pounding his girl harder and harder as the night went on. I was happy that he was really enjoying what he had wanted to see for such a long time time. By the time morning had arrived, i was in another world and my body constantly trembling all over. The last thing my partner wanted to see happen was the guys c** in my mouth and over my face. I was so exhausted but didnt want the night to end. Since that night my parter has never spoke about the night at all and it never happened again (with him that is. Lets say that i have found a wholevnnew

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