I want to have s** with young a girl

Whenever I see a young girl, it really turns me on. And it make me have s** with her right on that moment... And even f*** her till I c** inside of her.. But I can't just directly go and ask them to have s** with me.. Cuz I know they would get scared and run away.. So I just keep on staring at those girls.. I just want to have experience of having s** with a very young girl.. About 11 to 16 years of age.. I'm 21 now.. And I'm looking for a young girl to have to s** with me.. So is there anyone out there???



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  • Don’t worry you’ll be in prison and you won’t have to worry about f****** little girls you’ll be the one getting f*****

  • Scumbag beast need castrated

  • Just keep adding girls from the local high school and their friends on Facebook. If you can project an image of success of any kind, a few will try to bone you and they'll let you spill seed in them.

  • Email me rogerina4ever@gmail.com

  • I like toddlers

  • 13 is the golden age

  • I always say if the p**** isn't ready the ass is, if the ass isn't ready the mouth is,.
    I you don't know if she is old enough sit her on a chair, if the feet touch the floor she is old enough if not cut the legs off the chair

  • It's not okay to have relations with children.. And don't forget about jail.

  • You might have found one long time ago in South Asia, but you better say your goodbye to your family, because you will never be coming back , even in one country , the age of consent is 12 years old , but if you get caught, not only will the police put you in jail for pedo behaviour, your country will not want you back for years . So take my advice , give up and just find a nice woman instead .

  • I would be ok with 12, I like them upto 14

  • You might find one hooking. Drive around near highschools about an hour after they get out, and look for girls who are standing around and dressed kinda slutty. Don't talk to them right away though. If you see them out there in the same spot several times in a row then that's a good sign. If you see cars stopping next to them, then it's obvious what they're doing.

  • H*** I am in my 70's and looking for young p****, 8 is the youngest so far mmmm nice tight c*** on her

  • I hope she was your granddaughter... Then you can have her constantly... Otherwise, go to Thailand as little boys and little girls are always available there...

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