Turned to cross dressing w****

When I was married to my ex wife she had me cross dressing. She would have me dress very feminine everyday and all weekend when not working, my chores would be cleaning , and cooking our house. At first she would do my makeup but as time went by I had to do my own. Then one monday she said I had gotten my 6'8" frame to move well in 5 inch heels. Said we were goin to go to Columbus where we would go out for an evening as women. As the day approached she bought me a new black dress, and heels.

On Friday we got to Columbus early afternoon as she made me call in sick. She took me to the Nail salon had the do long extensions on my hand and paint toes to match. We returned to the hotel she insisted that she put a butt plug in me. It remained ther all that evening when we went to dinner, and danced. Then all night and next day.

After dinner on saturday she had me dress in my new outfit, and put on 6 inch heels. She said that it was a special night. We arrived at a club about 10 PM I was in a blonde wig, and had perfect makeup. We picked a place at a tall table setting on stools. We danced together one dance then men came up asking me to dance. She said I could not refuse any man asking me to dance, even a slow dance.

This went on with me never missing one dance untill closing, having to drink the drinks each man bought me. I was drunk till we left. When we aarrived back at the hotel I was told stay dressed. Then it happened men I had danced with started showing up. She said I needed to entertain them. She had me sucking them then after the first one swelled in my mouth another pulled my panties down. Soon I was in full use. I could feel each man in me but could not resist as drunk as I was. My inter stocking clad thighs were wet from their work. I had swallowed when they filled my mouth. I was barely awake as the sun came ip and these men were finishing up. I was sore in mmy cheeks, and my bottom as I was told to pull my panties back up.

My wife told me I had 30 men make deposits in me later that day. I had to wear a pad for the week as I had leakage. I still was dressed after work everyday down to heels. She called me her s*** after this.



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  • I was turned into a cute little panty boy by the boy next door and his friends. My mom lets me dress up and I look really cute too, she buys me all sorts of neat, pretty things. The older boy next door saw me and made me s*ck him and even his two friends. Now when mom's not home they come over and make me dress up and let um f*ck me. I hated it at first but I think that I really like it now!? Especially when their sp*rm is inside of me when I have super with my mom. That's weird, I know???

  • If your 6’8” how big or small is your c***

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