Putting the Ex back in S**

I have wanted to watch my wife have s** with other men for many years now, but she has not found anyone she wants to do this with. However it's look like she has finally found someone - her ex-husband Bill.

So now we are plotting ways to make this happen and get her into bed with him. If all goes well, I should be watching my wife and him in bed before the year is over.

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  • My wife, Laura, f**** her boyfriend every Friday afternoon, and sometimes stays the night at his house. Shes also f***** some of my other friends, and people I don't know. She is very sexy, and I love it that she f**** other men, and those men c** inside her p****.

  • You are out of your mind , and so is your stupid wife.

  • With all the men, guys out there she falls back on her ex. This really justifies you

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