Girls, what do you really think about size...
Have you ever dumped a guy because he was too huge or too small.. I confess to having a 5 incher... the shame of my life...

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  • yeah and if most guys who worry about size would lose some friggin weight, reducing the fat pad around the base of their d***, it would look much bigger indeed. all these fatties with rolls do sport tiny monkey d**** when naked... so exercise and bone up guys!

  • ^ She has hands and a mouth, and the titty f****** could be the best.

    There is no posts on here about a girl complianing about her bf's 5 inch d***. Only 3.5 and lower.

    I've been thinking of mass producing 'Internet Rulers'. Look like a ruler but the proportions are wrong. What normally is 6 looks to measures 7.5. Just a 15 to 20 percent reduction in size if compaired to a real ruler. I'll make millions off of guys who think size is that important, and need to take pictures of it to share.

  • ^Agree, this confession has been done to death, by the same guy usually.
    Oh, and anytime a teenager says they know what they're talking about, they don't know s***.

  • wow this confession s*** is for kids. learn how to use your d*** it aint about size trust. just be willing to learn

    When a woman needs s** she wants to know she is having s**.
    There are drugs for that now though.

  • Background... I'm 17/F/USA and I know what im talking about.

    In the back of every girl's mind I will admit... Yes, size matters. BUT!!!!! -- It's in the back of a girl's mind. If you're just looking for someone sleep with and someone that only wants to sleep around, then I'm sorry. You may have run into a little bit of a problem.
    IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP... and yes there is a difference... treat the girl right. Take things slow, show her that you care about her. Take her on dates, be interested in what she likes and wants and take it into consideration. DO NOT LET HER make every decision in your relationship though because she will start feeling guilty for the choices she makes trying only to please you and not herself, resulting in an unhappy girlfriend. If you treat her right and show her you care, you will get the same in return. Make her feel wanted... loved. There are other ways to pleasure a woman and trust me... they all work. You dont have to be huge to pleasure a woman the way she wants... you just have to know how to use what you have.

  • i think it sucks, but what can u do?

  • Baby, a woman's biggest s** organ is her BRAIN. If you make her think she is the only woman in the world she won't give a damn about your diick- she'll just want YOU--ALL the TIME.

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