Drunk s** at the strip club

I was recently told by a family friend that he saw my sister working a pole at a strip club. If it was true I worried that she could get hurt so I arranged to have my friend take me to the club on Friday to see for myseelf.

To make a long story short I ended up spending several hours in the club watching the dancers. I was drinking but had water and some food too so I wouldn't get too buzzed. A couple times guys tried to hit on my but my friend kind of kept watch over me so I wasn't given too much trouble. Eventually Ginger came on stage and there was no doubt that she's my sister even through the heavy makeup she was wearing (and Ginger is an odd name for her since she isn't a redhead). I watched her from the bar as she bent herself into shapes I never knew she could and stripped and waved her b****** and genitals in the guys' faces. I couldn't believe it even as I watched. I started ordering more shots.

I don't really know what happened for a while after that so I must have gotten too drunk to remember but the next memory I have is being in the passenger seat of my friend's SUV completely naked having s** with him and before I even really knew what was happening he came inside me. We werent using protection and I realized that we were still in the strip club parking lot so who knows how many people could have seen me riding his c***. I asked my friend how we ended up f****** and he claimed I was all over him begging for d*** but I have no memory of it.

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  • So, when you gonna do it again?

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