She just turned 18....I am 44.

So I met this young girl on the good ole POF website, she used a fake name and fake age and started talking to me. This gal was just straight up h****, had a young bf that p***** her off to she found me to fulfill her needs. She saw my picture and said she was impressed by it. She is stunning 5'4", weighed 107 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes girl who lived close to Ashville, NC. I am a nice looking big boy here 6'4" tall and I weigh a solid 248. She was half Cherokee Indian and her Dad was of German decent. But here features were of a smoking hot latina young girl. I wasn't too far but a couple of hours. I met up with her at her job, sat down for a while talked and we had our eyes all over each other, flirted hard, held hands, I rubbed her inner thigh with her short hot summer dress on. Made her completely shake as we were talking.....made her panties soo wet and she told me that she had already came once while I was rubbing her there inner thigh. She hid it soo well! I knew she was turned on...but her voice trembled soo bad for 2 minutes is when she came she had told me. Instantly got me soo f****** turned on her telling me this, I sat closer to her at her work at the table, mind you this is at a restaurant where she works and went to town finger f***** her under the table for a good 5 minutes and made her cumm two times more. In process she kept telling me "no friends are going to see us"....but I kept going. I almost felt like I was fighting her against her will.....but each time I moved in more and more her hands went rubber trying to hold my hand back because of how h**** she was. At one point she let out a loud yelp when c******. That's when we decided to stop. I paid our bill and made our way out of the restaurant. We got in my car and instantly started the most passionate deepest french kissing for a good 5 more minutes. Next thing I know she's climbing on top of me unzipping my zipper to my shorts, she pulled out my f****** huge thick shaft, she slid her panties to the side with her summer dress and she tried to get down on top of it but my c*** was too big for her...not having that c*** in her made it fun for her to to keep trying to get it in. After a few minutes of licking spitting her p**** making it more wet we finally got it in. "Oh my f****** have the biggest d***" Her thrusts were slow in the beginning...but she kept a great pace...moving up and down...each thrust got deeper and deeper...she saying "owe".....I asked her if she was ok....but she just kept thrusting down on it. And kept kissing me harder and deeper with her beautiful young tongue. No more than a few minutes....she f***** away....hard deep thrusts...up and down...french kissed at the same time....she came a good 2 or 3 more times....and finally after feeling her tight p**** grip my nice thick salty shaft with her white spew of cream all over my thick c*** b**** c*** shot such the most fantastic load deep inside of her p**** with her p**** she just kept thrusting up and down on my c***.....I'm telling her...."I'm c******.....I'm f****** c****** soo good"....she is screaming shaking and c****** as we both came together both times with such great team work as we exploding together the longest o****** that anyone could ever have. After c****** for a good 25 minutes, and the windows completely fogged up we hurried up and got our clothes back on. By this time it was 7:00pm. So I asked her if she wanted to f*** some more and she kindly said "yes please". Too funny. She tried hard to act mature she said. I offered a night at the closest descent hotel and she gladly accepted. Went straight to the hotel got to the room. As soon as walked in the room I couldn't help but kept groping her from behind...picking her little body up on my crotch....grinding her up and down....she put her hands on the table to hold her self up while I dropped my shorts down lifted her summer dress...pulled her panties down 6 inches and started whaling into that nice hot tight fresh young p**** again!! This time she let off impaling screams through out the whole room saying "F*** me Daddy....f*** me Daddy....oh my God....oh my God...Daddy I'm c****** again....Daddy....I'll let you f*** me....I'll let you f*** me Daddy....just don't let mommy know, please Daddy...just don't tell mommy"....that I thought that the neighbors surrounding were going to call the police! Instantly her body goes into a full shaking syndrome type deal....while her screams are now at a slower and deeper pace....and she just kept c****** for about 3 to 4 hours. Later she told me after....I had hit her "Internal O*****" spot and that she was amazed how she couldn't stop c******. I kept inside of her most of the time without moving an inch of my body...but my huge c*** would throb....and that would send earth quakes up deep inside of her she said. And it was the best f*** by far that I had ever had with any girl or woman at any age. All I kept thinking was thank God I kept up going to the gym, playing hoops, staying active through all these years. After the first few hours of f****** we fell a sleep for 2 hours. When sleeping, her body kept convulsing as she slept! That was a f****** turn on. She didn't realize that her body was still going. Of course we woke up and this time I f***** her the same time sticking our sensual tongue's out for each other as we f***** with passion and we both just kept c****** more and more. All through out the night until 11:00am the next day..until we checked out. By the time we were done f******, my legs were completely "wobbley" and I felt like an old man with a small limp because all of my lower half muscles were f***** up. Robin, we will call her, limped awkwardly with me by my side as she had told me that her p**** was very red and severely sore and that she was going home to take a long bath and, put lotion gently on her "nice tight young p****" and that she would call me later that night when she woke up. We also talked about the "Daddy thing". She blushed right away and kept apologizing and I told her no need to...but she did tell me that does have "Daddy" issues. And it was obvious. But for that one time we had spent together we had met another couple times. I found out she wasn't using protection and neither was I. A couple months later she called me up and said that she was indeed pregnant. She thanked me for making her a beautiful child and that she wasn't going to hold me responsible. And that she would get in touch with me some time in the future. I was ok with that. I already have a young teen age son. And she knew about it. But she wanted to have a kid. And she got one. Her Mom had cancer and she wasn't going to make it past 2 years the doctor said. She has 3 older sisters. All married with careers. So she needed her Mom to see the child her youngest was needing to have before her mom passed away. And I am perfectly fine with that. Since then we have chatted, she has given birth to baby girl...and of course she named the baby after her Mother. This is true story. I don't want to sound arrogant or cocky...but I would love to meet another young girl that age or older again sometime again. It's a fantastic experience.


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  • This was not fake guys. This really freakin happened!! Why the f*** would I post such a long story if this was fake? Come in man!

  • Fake

  • Nooooooooooooo ..........fake on here I am shocked

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