I missed my Auntie funeral, I’m p***** off

I missed my last Auntie funeral , nobody came to find me and my stupid brother so I can walk many km to say goodbye to her .
not even my own father was informed about the funeral so he could tell us that my Auntie was gone and I could have gone all alone to the Funeral .
I’m so p***** off and angry that I’m never attending anyone’s funeral ever again , not my dads funeral, not my Brothers funerals , not anybody’s funeral ever again .
I never even found out about her passing away until 10 days afterwards and they told me that she passed away and I never attended her funeral to say goodbye .
People are lame , they don’t know what they did too me in making me miss the funeral of my only auntie , I don’t care if she had never put me in her will , I was one of her only few Nephews from my moms side of the family that loved her .
I hope that everybody and everything in this world rots away.


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