S** with Mom and her lookalike.

I had a thing for Mom my whole life and we actually started playing sexually when I was 13 and Mom 35. We were lovers until she passed at 70. Dad it seemed had premature ejuclation and only f*** mom once in a while.

S** with mom was so good I didn't want girls my age. She loved oral, giving and receiving. And when she finally tried a*** she was hook on it. She became a risk taker sexually and would want me to f*** her in the public. She stopped wearing panties so I could enter her at any time. Just kissing me made her wet. We were seen by people several times. I often ass f***** her in the kitchen when dad was in the living room watching TV.

Dad didn't realize it, but my sister is actually my daughter. I was 17 and Mom and I planned to get her pregnant. One month later she was. She got dad to have s** with her 3 times the week she found out she was knocked up. And he believed it was his. They never had s** again after that.

After mom passed I was only 48 and so lonely. But then I met Gloria who was 70 and retired. Her body was still trim, her b**** were nice size but sagged a bit. What she didn't know is she could be my late mother's twin sister body wise and the way her face looked.

The first time i saw Gloria I got hard. It took a while to get her to date me, but soon we were having long nightly s** sessions.

When I f*** Gloria, it almost like f****** Mom again. But only when I think of Mom can I get hard.

It 5 years now. She 75 and I'm 53. I spend alot of time with Gloria the s** is great. I've even got her to let her hair go full grey and styled like Mom's.

The s** is still excellent and she love to swallow and be ass f***** more than regular s**. Just like Mom.

She said her, ex-husband refused to ass f*** her, he said only f*** do that. And only dirty women want to have a d*** in her mouth. He rarely gave her s**.

This summer I got her to f*** outdoors in the park, like I would do with Mom. We been spotted several times. In the car I have her open her blouse to expose her t*** and lift her skirt and m*********. She c** very hard that way.

I are turned her into a shameless s** toy. Who does anything I want.

Gloria has never seen Mom's picture and never will. If she did she would realize I'm only with her because she could be Mom's twin.

I know it not right but I still only Love Mom, and only use and degrade Gloria as a willing f*** doll.



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  • No doubt you do have mom-fixation in sexual orientation. But good thing is that you have got an alternative with Gloria and remember while f****** her. You are absolutely right f****** older woman is simply great. I am 50 yo and now with a 65 yr divorced woman with excellent body, little sagging b****, for the last 5 yrs - f****** away with her. we are not married but who cares if the s** is great!!
    I have explored every holes of her - up and down and deep into her p**** and a***. We have sucked and kissed and eaten each others body. The s** is still excellent and she love to swallow and be f***** her stretched a*** that is able to clasps my hard c*** well in her with her sphincter.
    While traveling in my car I have opened her blouse to expose her b**** so that the passing vehicles can watch her and in such a situation she draws her skirt up to show a bit of her panties.
    We love to f*** outdoor in the park or secluded wood. We often been spotted several times, most ignore us f****** with a brief stare. Once a young man spotted her giving me bj while I was lying on my back - her bare bum raised high. He just came behind her and rammed his hard c*** into her p****. Wow! she started enjoying it as I could see and I started massaging her b**** hard. He came in no time. Suddenly I saw two of his friends were standing around us sporting their erect c**** in hands. I got puzzled and sat back. I had no option but to let them f*** her in the ass and p****. I masturbated watching her enjoying the f****! OMG! I would never forget the scene!!

  • Whoever you are , your stories are boring . So in a way you are guilty of boring me to death , congratulations.

  • I totally agree. My mother and myself are lovers in every sense, and have been since I turned 14. many a time, she has masturbated me while sitting on a bench in the park. She lets me come in her whenever I have the need, which is quite often, and she has never refused me anything, even letting me come in her mouth, and swallowing everything.

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