Daddy's sissy son.

20 years ago when I was 8, and dad was 29 my mother died. A few weeks later my Father started using me sexually. I was an young female looking boy. He made me wear girls clothes and grow my hair long. If a resisted he hit me until I gave in.

By 9 he had taken my ass virginity. And I was living like a girl. I had to pee sitting down. I came to see myself as a girl because i had no choice. And by 12 i surrendered completely and was giving him oral s** when he wanted.

At 18, he said I needed t***. I knew if I didn't agree he would beat me. I lied to the doctor and let them give me t***.

I'm 28 now, and live full time as a woman. My life is spent, giving him my body. The only way I can c** is by being ass f*****. I can only get hard when he slaps me and forces me.

I'm so f***** up, I want to leave but I want my Father to rape me that the only time I'm sexually satisfied.

Sep 21, 2019

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  • Yew sissy boy s** with daddy

  • My father used a leather strap on my d*** and b**** any time I got hard.Eventually out of fear of the pain and of being punished I became unable to get erections. If I resisted or refused to obey Daddy he would punish me then force me to obey him.After awhile it was a lot easier,,less painful and faster to just suck his c*** when he told me to.Because I did it willingly and wasnt being beat for refusing It started feeling good and I liked to suck his c*** and be f***** in my ass. I wanted to dress pretty for him because it made him happy which in turn made me feel good.He trained me to become his obediant little sissy wife..I kept the house clean,,cooked all the meals and did everything else that a wife did daily and I liked doing it.Daddy stoped beating me for several years,,One night he came home from the bar with a friend and I was ordered to let the man use me sexually.Of course I tried to talk Daddy out of making me be this mans little sissy w**** but when Daddy got tired of hearing me begging him not to make me do it he beast me with a leather strap until I begged Daddy to let me be that mans little w****.After that Daddy used the strap on me regularly wheather I needed it or not to keep me as submissive as necessary.When Daddy lost his job because of his drinking he used the strap to make me go stand out on a corner and do what ever the perverted men wanted to make enough to pay the rent,,buy groceries and pay the utilities. Daddy pimped me out so he could hang around the bar all day and night.Now Daddy is dead,,I am a very pretty looking female with real C cup t*** and the only way I really feel pleasure is when a man with a huge c*** pounds my sissy ass good and hard.Oh and when I can suck a mans c*** and make him c** so hard that he almost passes out .

  • I'd like to f*** you... your daddy trained you well. But I wouldn't beat you, i'd f*** you, make love to you and make you're happy so in turn you keep me happy.

  • Mature deviant and kinky Master/daddy likes!

  • You are a disgusting confused mental case and you'll never be a woman. When will you idiots learn that there is more to being a woman than just makeup, taping down your d*** and wigs?

  • A neighbor boy who was older feminized me when I was 9. It's cool now that I'm a little older.

  • Cut his b-a-l-l-s off and make that creep live as a woman now .

  • I was feminised when I was very young and loved the affection I received. I was groomed by an uncle, my mother's older brother who was not married. Uncle Harry owns a small farm and I loved spending time there.
    When I got to twelve, I was allowed to stay over. Now uncle Harry had always been very affectionate and it was quite natural for him to greet or say goodbye to me with a kiss, so one night at his place I went to say goodnight. I found him in his bedroom, he was naked and his p**** was erect and the sight of it made me excited.
    I found my own p**** get stiff under my Pj's and walked over to him, he took me in his arms and kissed me and I loved it, then he sat on the bed and slipped my Pj's down taking my p**** into his mouth holding my bottom with both his hands. OMG! the feeling I got as I e********* was amazing with him licking and sucking me.
    I have been sleeping with him ever since and when I was fifteen he pushed his p**** into my bottom and made me his girl.
    I'm twenty now and dress and look like a girl, feel like a girl but still have the sensations of a boy. I live at Uncle Harry's and love him to bits.

  • He should have f***** you ,long before 15 , young boys f*** so good

  • Lucky uncle sucking on a little boys hard c***

  • Well, I'm older now and I am thoroughly camp, I love going our dressed in my silky lingerie and a floaty silk dress. I love being letched by old men and we get a lot of them in my local pub.
    I have taken one or two back to my apartment and let them fondle and caress me as they stand there naked. I love being kissed by a man in his sixties, feeing his erection pushing under my dress, trying to undo my zip, succeeding then his fingers in my knickers, stroking my p****, turning me around pulling my knickers over and pushing his hot member into me. Bliss!!!!!

  • We are all f***** in our own way.

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