Gotta let this life s** story out

Im about to be a 26 years old young man. Starting from young I have always been teased about being a virgin the thing was I had so many lady friends where I use to hang out (inside a library) I did not realize what I could of been doing and what I was missing. Years coming up the library was getting dull and I became more of an introvert. I started watching p*** and became addicted but not just any type of p***, belly button fetish videos, as well as some light BDSM. I realized I was more attracted to women with outie belly buttons and I was so addicted I would m********* about anywhere from 2 to 5 times a day to it. I say about 5 years ago I had an idea. I started like a fetish profile thing where I go to online dating sites like POF (Plenty of Fish), Meetme or Okcupid. My profile would say "offering a hundred dollars to worship women's belly buttons like licking, fingering etc." And surprising I was getting replies out of curiosity, and then the day I first had s** had come about the first girl I decided to meet off this profile. One woman I met up with after an overnight of hard work. We went to a hotel that she goes often as soon as we got comfortable she exposed her belly. I went to worshipping it, kissing her neck long story short. She was officially the first women I f*****. I later met another girl a month later for the belly button worship but ended up having s** with her as well. So I was hooked. Next gurl I met up with had a plump sexy outie belly button. Talking it felt like we were going to have s** too but unfortunately we did not but I wanted too so bad. I was all over her belly button though when i got to her stomach. Then I realized I got to be specific now so I heard people talking about a website called back page. I checked it out was not really trying to answer ads but instead my fetish for outies increased since that time so I made ads for girls with outies $100 for s**. And I met a handful amount of women (some with outies, some with innies) and was continuing the online profile thing as well. I even went to Craigslist as well. I had a lot of great encounters weird enough. The good side is I had s** with a lot of older women. In fact had s** with about 16 women overall but the problem is I paid for all of them. There is a women I met through there where I see her for free. But she just got in a relationship. So I'm currently at a stage in my life where I'm staying away from the p*** and paying for p****. I still want women with outie belly buttons but I want some p**** as well from women I desire with out the feeling that I had to take a shortcut to get with them. I want to change that around for good!

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