My s** life story smh

I am a straight guy about to turn 26 years of age. As a pre-teen I did not know that much about s** or what it was. I use to hang out in this library met a lot of friends throughout that decade a lot of them being females as well. Later on over the years I started getting teased for being a virgin and being surrounded by so much girls they did not understand how I was still one. I was always crushing on one of these girls but the friend zone 9 times out of 10 was what had me stuck. The same stories repeated itself until I was 22 I was in a relationship at 18 for four months but we were always talking about it but no effort was being put towards it from her. Anyways from age 18-22 I moved in a gated community where over the time I met a lot of people in the complex. These guys were having body counts of around 50 per year and such. They even attempted to help me have s** with my first girl multiple but they liked to run trains on these girls and I felt I was too freaky for a girl dealing with multiple men at once. This showed through my attempted of trying to f*** these girls. Would not really "rise" to the occasion basically at those moments.

At the age of 22 most likely during winter I started downloading dating apps but I had an idea. Over the course of time I discovered p*** and started masturbating every single day or every time I wanted to sleep. It was not any basic type of p*** though. I had a fetish of women's belly buttons throughout experiences I had of seeing women in bikinis and croptops or the feeling I would get when seeing one. Younger years I would always go for any girls belly button when kissing or making out or if I was feeling a girl. But anyways my fetish for women's belly buttons increased highly due to my p*** addiction so my online profiles were a fetish thing. I use to put offering $100 to worship (lick, finger, anything I basically want) to a womens belly button. I was very picky when it came to the navel I wanted too. But when I met up my first woman off the profile still being a virgin I was excited. We met up, got a hotel room she exposed her belly eventually we ending up making out then I officially had s** for first time. We f***** once more that morning and I was feeling great I paid her then we went our separate ways.

So the first time doing this off the online profile site Plenty of Fish was great. So I got on too more profile sites like Meetme, and Okcupid. "Belly button worship for a $100" basically was my deal. I met up with another girl a month later meant for the belly button we had great s** as well. So I'm thinking this is a lovely pattern any girl agreeing to this we were going to automatically have s**. Then I was wrong the next girl I met had one of the sexiest Belly button ever (an outie). I was sucking on her navel and kissing her rapidly I wanted to have s** with her so bad at that moment but we didn't do because I respected her wishes. Still paid her because I worship her sexy ass belly button. The same pattern followed lately just getting to there belly buttons no s** so I realized I wanted actual s**, meanwhile realizing my fetish were really more for women with outie belly buttons. I heard about backpage at the time and met up with my first girl off there didn't get them off their ads I actually made my own. And women would respond. " 1 night stand for women with outie belly buttons reward included. This is were I met all types of women I imagine I would of never met normally. Older & Foreign the next women I met turned out to be the best s** i ever haddd around my birthday time too convienent enough.It kept working paying girls for my fetish and s**. I also made ads on craiglist before it got shutdown too. Overall having s** with 16 women. Unfortunately I paid for all of them some kept in touch for a while, others faded off eventually. But everytime I wanted to have s** i have to pay for it. Only one women that I repeatedly saw I did not have to pay no more but she did not have an outie. Recently she got into a relationship so I'm all out of options for having s** at the moment. I got rid of my p*** addiction and I don't plan on going back. But I felt like taking this short cut turned these great sexual experiences into a bad habit. So now I just want to naturally have s** with a women now. I felt sick for doing it this way for all these years but the experiences were hella fun and yes I always protected my self condom wise!
I'm actually I need of some p**** now though and may or may not need advice on how to get some and a girl with an outie belly button toooo!

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