S** with older woman

I did post this elsewhere but thought that I should relate it here too. F****** an older woman is simply great. I am 50 yo and now with a 65 yr divorced woman with excellent body, little sagging b****, for the last 5 yrs - f****** away with her. we are not married but who cares if the s** is great!!
I have explored every holes of her - up and down and deep into her p**** and a***. We have sucked and kissed and eaten each others body. The s** is still excellent and she love to swallow and be f***** her stretched a*** that is able to clasps my hard c*** well in her with her sphincter. She gets ecstatic when I eat her p**** giving her strong o****** every time!
While traveling in my car I have opened her blouse to expose her b**** so that the passing vehicles can watch her and in such a situation she draws her skirt up to show a bit of her panties.
We love to f*** outdoor in the park or secluded wood. We often been spotted several times, most ignore us f****** with a brief stare. Once a young man spotted her giving me bj while I was lying on my back - her bare bum raised high. He just came behind her and rammed his hard c*** into her p****. Wow! she started enjoying it as I could see and I started massaging her b**** hard. He came in no time. Suddenly I saw two of his friends were standing around us sporting their erect c**** in hands. I got puzzled and sat back. I had no option but to let them f*** her in the ass and p****. I masturbated watching her enjoying the f****! OMG! I would never forget the scene!!

Sep 23, 2019

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  • I am in my 40s, little chubby ample pair of a bit of sagging b****, a single mom. My son since his early puberty used to peep in my bed room while I was masturbating or f****** my bfs. When he was 20 yo, I caught him once peeping through the bath room key hole, drew him in and spanked him on his butt couple of times and he reached a massive hard-on. WOW! I could not but started sucking his d*** till he came within a couple of minutes. That was the starting point. We have been f****** since then at regular basis. His thick hard c*** slicing my p****, ramming me hard, me riding him - we are in total bliss. Riding his c*** I am in total control, and we move a little, just feeling his throbbing c*** inside me, he twitches his tool and I squeezes his hardness as he presses hard his c*** against my p**** lips spread wide, and my juices trickle down his ball sack. I lean down a bit so that he can suck on my nips and massage my b****. Our f*** session runs nearly an hour. OMG! he makes me mad for more s** ....

  • Many young people cannot imagine an image, but f****** with an old woman is great!

    In my case it was an old widow in my neighborhood, I estimated she was around 65 because she already had gray hair. She was a nice woman who always smiled at me. A busty woman with lots of meat on her hips, arms, legs that reminded me of my grandmother who died when I was 10.
    I loved visiting her and found many apologies for knocking on her door. Like my grandmother, she was a cuddly type and I enjoyed her warm, soft flesh, so I hold her for much longer than usual.

    She was also very understanding, she knew the feelings of a h**** young boy and by the time I turned 16, she showed her body to me (at my urgent request). I was astonished and became so h**** that I jumped on her and forced her to have s**. To my surprise, she did not protest, but opened her arms to welcome me. The first was a quickie, then the training started from her side.

    That was the start of many years of great s** with her, I have never longed for girls my age. And I believe that the widow liked it as much as I would otherwise have stopped.

    It ended when she became very ill and I visited her in the nursing home until she died.

    I remained single all my life and occasionally I have an affair with an older (similar looking) woman.

  • This happens at nightly d****** sites in a number places in the UK. I too visited some of the places where young and older s** starved females quench their sexual appetites of all forms. On one occasion, I was f***** by two well endowed guys and after we had finished, one guy asked for my thong to keep as souvenir. Yes, I did obliged...

  • Talking of d****** sites, once I encountered a Sudanese man, may be 55 yo, with a 8" c*** with good girth that filled me well while f******. Best part was that he was circumcised and had a fared k***. The k*** literally squashed my c*** all the way in and out!!

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