Women who have s** with boars

Hey ladies, I’d love to hear from any of you who have had s** with a boar, or women who fantasise about it.
For the ladies who have, what is it like? Was it rough, gentle?
How did the c*** feel twisting around inside you?
What does it feel like when his c*** locks into your cervix?
Does your womb swell to make you look pregnant?
What does it feel like in detail being that full of pig c** and having it sealed inside with the c** plug?
Can you feel the plug?

Thanks in advance

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  • I would say that the answer to your question is that no woman or man can answer it because no one really has had s** with a boar. I would say that what you find on p*** sites are photo shopped and made up. I looked up woman having s** with a sheep and through many web sites, the only film that can be found is one of the same sheep trying to get it on with the same woman, but labeled differently on each site. Women might have s** with a dog, at least the ones that don't try to tell you how long a dog humps her, because a dog only thrusts until he gets his knot in and then stands there like a third wheel until he has unloaded all his c**. So, I guess the short answer is, no.

  • You’re wrong...

  • Except for the fact that boars are very mean and no one is having s** with them. Made up s*** from a sick individual. Probably a teenager.

  • All boars are not mean. Just like all collies are loving dogs.

  • How do you know so much about it? I once knew a woman who had a pot belly boar pig and I think she was into it.

  • I have s** with my lab dog almost regularly for the last 10 yrs. Tried a ram a couple of time but did not enjoy. I have been thinking of f****** a boar in my farm. But the screwy c*** held me back. I too would love to know of the experience from others with similar orientation.

  • From what I have read some say the cervix penetration can be sore and others enjoyed it. I would love to see a skinny girl f*** a boar and see her belly swell with all that c** locked inside her womb.

    Please describe yourself. And please please tell me if you do try it

  • I've been with several dogs and a couple of times with a horse but never with a boar. I'd love to try it if I ever get the chance.

  • Please tell me more of your first times with the the dog and horse x

  • I was alone at home I went inside and changed into my bikini, got a lounger and relaxed in the sun. Brutus came and laid down on the side. I put my hand into my bikini and started slowly masturbating myself. After a while a felt good and only when I opened my eyes did i realize that the dog was licking me and and it was divine. I had spread my legs to open my self up to himhe never let up and just continued. My head was swimming and I was meeting his thrusts and licks.I had my right leg lifted to give him access had huge o*****.
    I rolled on to my tummy and tried to recover but he continued licking and prodding me relentlessly.Surrendering to the intense pleasure, i lifted my ass to him and when he stated licking from my p**** upwards to my butt I lost all control.I was just about to look over my shoulder when I felt his weight on me, his huge paws under my hips. I felt something sticky prodding my ass cheeks the briefly hit my a***.I was in a state of panic but it soon changed to pleasure and was succumbing to the enormous waves of pleasure coming from my p****. He was now f****** me with quick sharp doggy moves.driving hi c*** deeper and deeper in.After what seemed a long time i felt him thrusting harder my p**** was being stretched then he was all the way into my p**** and still trying to go further.The pain was now dull and huge waves of pleasure were overwhelming me. I could feel his c*** swelling up and my p**** lips were clinging to the huge swelling.I was vaguely aware that his had stopped f****** me and he was filling me up with his c**. My mind was racing but having seen him f*** quite a few dogs and stopped panicking and started to relax. I was enjoying being so helpless.after about 20 minutes i felt the swelling go down and was released. Lots of come was streaming from my p****.He turned round and licked me . he then went to lie down and lick his c***.

  • Of course, this has nothing to do with the question ask. So, since no one is answering the question, I would say that no woman has actually had s** with a pig or boar. The p*** that you can find on the internet is photo shopped, just like the Kardashians.

  • How about the videos, they look real.

  • That is awesome, I love a woman who is uninhibited and allows herself to have a great o*****s. I'd love to hook up with one who is so willing. let me know if you want to chat.

  • So damn Hot!

  • That is so hot. I wish I could have watched that happen to you

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