I love when guys see my nipples

I love going to the mall or anywhere without a bra and a tight shirt and seeing guys stare at my nipples. Ill also wear loose tops and bend down a lot so they can see my t*** . I dont have big ones , I wish , but hey , I have what I have .
I'm thinking about randomly flashing my t*** to older guys , but havent yet .
A few times ,while trying on tops at different stores , ive walked out topless just for the thrill , and it was awesome . My friend will go and when nobodys near , she says ok , and i step out . Its thrilling

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  • I'm a Y2 at college. No t*** (barely an "A"), they just never "came in", so to say. However, at the point in my life when my t*** should have begun growing, I got big thick nipples instead. Huge. Long. And they get hard reeeeeeeally easy. Even though I never needed a bra (still don't), my middle school made me start wearing one.....to hide my nipples. In high school, they made me wear a padded bra because my nipples were so big and erect. Then, when I changed high schools, it was bandaids AND a padded bra. At that school, sometimes I came without any of the disguises, and when my Math teacher got a glimpse of my nipples poking against my plain shirt, he fell in love, and we dated until I graduated and went away to college. He even still comes to see me, without letting his wife know what's up. So, yes: nipples can be an advantage to you.

  • Pierce them

  • Great story.. As Ive said I don't have big b****, butnice nipples ..

  • It can be very exciting to see. Makes us think you are waiting for the right man to just go up to you and touch them ,fondle them or suck them.

  • I think you love the high from exhibitionism. I know how addicting that can be. Since my childhood I have loved wearing ladies lingerie. When I was in my late 20s I live across the street from a park. I would dress up in my panties, garter belt and black hose, a mini half slip and a silky bra and go to the park around 2:30 am and m********* under the street light. I was terrified of being seen, but OMG what a rush. Like nothing I've ever felt since then.

  • I love seeing nipples throught s tight top! Very sexy!

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