I love when guys see my nipples

I love going to the mall or anywhere without a bra and a tight shirt and seeing guys stare at my nipples. Ill also wear loose tops and bend down a lot so they can see my t*** . I dont have big ones , I wish , but hey , I have what I have .
I'm thinking about randomly flashing my t*** to older guys , but havent yet .
A few times ,while trying on tops at different stores , ive walked out topless just for the thrill , and it was awesome . My friend will go and when nobodys near , she says ok , and i step out . Its thrilling

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  • My wife has small b****, too. When she started flashing at age 19, she was only a 32A. But, the guys still looked and liked it. She has grown some since then and is a 34B now and the guys still like them. I think it is a case of size not mattering and that guys like looking at the hard nips.

  • My wife and I also have a bunch of exhibitionism (and beyond) experiences that I would like to share and I have shared some at other locations on this site. But, there are a bunch more, but the do not fall into any of the existing categories. But, ask is you would like to hear some of them.

  • I would like to hear them yes ..

  • Not knowing which one you would like best, I'll go with a mild one. When we lived in an apartment we would go outside to the parking area and hook the hose up to wash the car on Saturdays......complete with a bucket with soapy water and all. We were still in college then. She would were short shorts and a crop top with nothing on under. I would be in shorts. She and I would start off washing the car but sooner or later things would turn playful and we would make sure to soak each other and get soap on each other. During this her crop top would get wet and stuck so that much of her b**** could be seen. Before long it became a popular place for guys on bikes to stop and "rest". One Saturday I had to work on a paper and didn't have time to wash the car. But, she was all dressed to wash the car alone....in the crop top and shorts. After awhile a guy on a bike to stop to rest. I was watching out the window of the apartment and could see what was going on in the parking lot. She stop washing the car and walked out to him. She talked to him for awhile and came in to the apartment. She told me she was going to give him a bottle of water. I asked her if she was interested in "playing". And she said, "Sure." I told her she could pretend to drop something to her left on the way back and he would be able to see most of her b**** from the bottom. We even tested it in the apartment and I could see almost to her nips. So, she went out and gave him the water and talked to him for awhile. I might add that her nips were pretty visible through the crop top. Then she walked away and bent over to her left to pick up the imaginary object. When she did that I could see his eyes get really wide. She came back in and we had a good time talking about it. She said that while she was talking to the guy she could see that his shorts were getting a little tight on him. After that she and I really ripped into each other. There are other things we have done.

  • I'm a Y2 at college. No t*** (barely an "A"), they just never "came in", so to say. However, at the point in my life when my t*** should have begun growing, I got big thick nipples instead. Huge. Long. And they get hard reeeeeeeally easy. Even though I never needed a bra (still don't), my middle school made me start wearing one.....to hide my nipples. In high school, they made me wear a padded bra because my nipples were so big and erect. Then, when I changed high schools, it was bandaids AND a padded bra. At that school, sometimes I came without any of the disguises, and when my Math teacher got a glimpse of my nipples poking against my plain shirt, he fell in love, and we dated until I graduated and went away to college. He even still comes to see me, without letting his wife know what's up. So, yes: nipples can be an advantage to you.

  • Hi, I'm the guy above with the wife who was a 32A and is now a 34B. She is the same in that her nips get hard really easy. One time we went to the grocery store and her top was one of my white t-shirts. For fun she stood by the frozen food section for her nips to get hard. Some young guy noticed and he followed us all over the store.

  • Pierce them

  • Great story.. As Ive said I don't have big b****, butnice nipples ..

  • It can be very exciting to see. Makes us think you are waiting for the right man to just go up to you and touch them ,fondle them or suck them.

  • I think you love the high from exhibitionism. I know how addicting that can be. Since my childhood I have loved wearing ladies lingerie. When I was in my late 20s I live across the street from a park. I would dress up in my panties, garter belt and black hose, a mini half slip and a silky bra and go to the park around 2:30 am and m********* under the street light. I was terrified of being seen, but OMG what a rush. Like nothing I've ever felt since then.

  • I love seeing nipples throught s tight top! Very sexy!

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