A wish investment to Fucked up a Democrat

I'm not political in any way, I don't even vote. Clinton, Trump, Bush ( either one), Carter, Nixon, Ford etc. They are all the same in it for themselves.

But there is on crazy Super Duper Democrat who has been a complete wacko since Trump won.

Every day since then he goes on and on about it. I got so tired about it
So via a third party i rent the billboard directly across from his office window and had just the word Trump places on it in huge letter.

That Monday he went crazy. Seeing it. A few days later he quit saying The sign was trying to control his brain.

It has been so peaceful since then. It was money well spent.



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  • You couldn’t afford to rent that billboard.

  • Nice burn!

  • Speaking of "burn," shouldn't you be crying and setting something on fire right about now?

    I love that YouTube now has dozens of videos of minions torching beer coolers and coffee machines and red trucker hats, all in perpetuity. Something to show the grandkids when all this is over and you're pretending you never voted for a failed reality show host.

  • Now ^THAT is a burn

  • I call bullshit. No, not because Trump is a big orange baby, but because you are full of it. I'm not even in the U.S.

  • By not voting, you vote.

  • Louder for the moron snowflakes in the back having a pout because their super-special quirky niche candidate didn't make it to the end!!

  • And even louder NOW, because those precious princesses were too dumb to learn their lesson the first time!

  • Brilliant. That's the best dig ever. Well-done!!!

  • Yes... if only it actually happened. You righties aren't very intelligent, are you?

  • Never underestimate the malignant stupidity of humans, no matter what their political views are.

  • I saw a billboard like that in Kansas City a year ago.

  • Pix or it didn't happen. Oh wait, we can't post pix here. So I call bullshit :)

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