I became a w****

I met a very charming and attractive black man one night in a up scale hotel lounge, we just had drinks and small talk. The talk turned to s**, like had I ever had a bbc, told him no because I never dated or had s** with a black.
He asked me to come to his room to watch tv and talk, so I went, silly me.well one thing led to another and we began kissing and fondling each other. We ended up removing are clothes and got in bed. I have had s** with several men over the years but what he did with me to me was the best this blonde white woman has ever had.
When it came time for me to leave he asked if he could see me the next time he was in town, so we exchanged phone numbers. Well 2 weeks later he called and I met him for dinner then yes up to his room for some great s**.
Next time he called me for a date he said he had a surprise for me. Well after dinner and drinks we went up to his room where he undressed me and put me in bed I asked aren't you joining me and what is my surprise? A knock on the door he went and let another black man in!!! Here is your surprise, my friend Jamal and I are going to use you like never before. I never did a threesome before and was worried. Must say it was very good for them and me.
Now here is the follow up, little did dumb me know this was a prelude to what was to follow. Antwon would call and I would meet him like always, but he would have a another man with him!!! He was renting me to these men!!!
Eat, go to room, Antwon would leave me with the man and tell me do him good I will be back, when he came back the dude would give him cash and Antwon gave some to me. I said I am not a w**** and do not like you doing this. He said you are now my white w**** and you will do what I say. I am not scared of him and will admit I enjoy the thrill and the s** so I have been going along with this. It is not an every night turning tricks only when he is in town. The pay is good

Sep 30, 2019

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  • I've been a w**** most of my life, or so my parents continue to tell me. I'm 34swf with one grown daughter and a son in high school. My parents say I'm a w**** because I date only married men and because my kids have different fathers (and I have a third child somewhere in the world, by a third father, that I gave up for adoption because my parents made me). I don't consider what I do "whoring" and I'm guessing you feel the same, except when we think of a "w****" as someone who (a) lives a slightly unconventional lifestyle, (b) doesn't care what society thinks, and (c) enjoys the f*** out of what she does.......every f****** g****** day. :)

  • Most of the time I enjoy the date, this is not my life style as I only work every now and then, don't stand on a street corner, there is a certain thrill in going against the norm. You hang in there and it will all work out for you

  • I like what you've done, and what you're doing, and what you're going to do.

  • I never ever thought I would be turning tricks let alone having s** with a. black man. I know this won't last so I enjoy him now

  • That's a great attitude, and I admire you for it (for whatever that may be worth). And it really does sound like you are enjoying yourself and loving the turn that your life has taken. I've gone with maybe 3-4 blacks in my life (I'm 42mwf) and I can say that they were BY FAR the best 3-4 men I've ever been with or been had by. Neither my husband nor any of the other whites can measure up in ANY way with any of the blacks, but the thing that has always stood out for me when it comes to black lovers (different than what most white women focus on) is the volume of their cream and the force they shoot it with. I know people talk about them having a firehose, but it really is true. I've never been filled up with c** like I was by blacks, and only they can make you feel it hitting your cervix when they nut in you. I can only imagine how satisfied you are now, and how often you find yourself walking around with gallons of j*** in you and flowing down your legs into your shoes. :)

    On some other topics........what type of job do you have, or did you have? Have you been able to stop working while you have this new income? Do any of your friends know/suspect what you're up to? Have you ever been seen out on a date by someone you know? Has Antwon ever hooked you up with a man you already know? Has your new life made you look for relationships (permanent or temporary) among non-client blacks? Are you hornier in general now than before you started being rented by your new love?

    Congratulations on being so adventurous!! I love the person you are now! (And, of course, I'm TOTALLY envious of the amount of s** you're having!!!!!!!) YOU GO, GIRL!!

  • I am an events organizer for a large mfg corp in Knoxville. golfing, dinners, trade shows,etc. No I am not stopping work, this addtional income is only part time as I may only have 1 date a week some times 2. No so far no one I know has seen me on a date. No Antwon has never set me up with anyone I know, if this would happen I would ignore him, only exception would be Jamal. No I have not looked for any type of relationship with non client blacks just Antwon. My s** level is the same I like it enjoy it not any more hornier than before.
    You are right about the force and amount of their deposit, what I do is wear a maxi pad when I get dressed to prevent the leaking. Not all of the dates are the streotype bbc but yes some are huge.

  • It's really amazing that you function so wonderfully well in such different places in the overall economy, satisfying needs and providing services as a high-level corporate executive dealing with dozens and hundreds of clients, to the most basic and essential personal level dealing with only one (or two) clients. Do you and Antwon ever just go out on dates and for casual s**, as opposed to business? And I'm also curious about Jamal, and whether you have any different attraction to him than the "average" client, and whether you and he ever meet alone. BTW, the maxi pad is a nice touch. Thank you for being so open with your life!

  • Thank you, just keeping business life from personal life. Yes Anywon and I go out for dinner and some casual s**. Jamal and Antwon were partners in the business no real attraction yes I have met him alone and he is a freebie

  • I think this black slob should take a hike.

  • Ah are you rejected by women???

  • Such bullshit

  • What

  • God, please let me have this bit ch i would not allow her to dress , leave my bed i want to fill up this 3 hole woman till I die...Thanks! Amen

  • Fat chance

  • I never been whoring but I must admit that I love black hard c***. I am white in my 30s, little chubby with an ample pair of b**** and a great p**** (as they say). I get friendly with the one I fancy. Since my teenage years, I have f***** about 50 black c****. No white compares with them in terms of size, girth and staying power!! I am not planning to marry anyone right now and wish to enjoy black c**** for some more years!

  • True about their size, lucky you on their staying power. Find one you like and trust and see if he help in renting you out, not all the time but once in awhile, the money is great

  • Thank you. Couple of times I have enjoyed the flared k*** of a few cut c****. They literally rub your c*** through and are able to massage my g-spot to quick o****** - OMG I do love them!!

  • Good for you

  • My husband and I are married 9yrs now. Were both whites. A new black man came to work where my husband works like 7 months ago. He is so fine. He started to flirt with me a few weeks ago when I go by the office. I think I want him but I'm really scared. I never been with a black man. Hearing your story makes it seem like I might be able to meet up with him and just see what happen. You are so brave

  • Sure

  • Be careful. office affairs can be dangerous no mater the mans color

  • Jesus, you are an incredible woman. I would love to be your husband. I would love to be married to someone with your appetite and your aggressiveness. I would love to be the one you come home to after every date you go on. You will not remain single long, I promise you that.

  • Thank you, and how would you feel knowing I come home with his/their juice still in me

  • That would surely be a large part of the thrill, knowing how often you have those precious fluids present inside your precious body. But on those occasions when you come in to our house during the very early morning hours just before sunrise, when I know one or more of them have sent you home after you've satisfied them all fully, and feeling you climb up into our bed, in the dark, with all that cream still fresh and sloshing through your canal and soaking your cervix (so much of it that I can smell it), and hearing you ask "Do you want the sloppy seconds, darling, like usual?", a question to which you know that I will always softly answer "Yes", well, those will be the most special times for us in our marriage, for as long as you want to continue what we refer to as your "hobby".

  • Actually I douche before I leave then wear a maxi pad to slow the leak, not much is left in me. Oh I am normally home before midnight

  • Are you presently married (and, if so, does your husband have ANY idea what you are up to)? How does the s** compare with the s** you've had with whites? Have you ever been on more than one date on any given evening? If the money stopped, would you still go just for the s**? If Antwon stopped renting you, would you find black men on your own and go with them? Have you ever thought of having a mixed-race child or children with one or more of these blacks? From a serious female admirer (47mwf).........

  • No I am not married, divorced. No just one "date" per night, the myth that blacks are better is not really true generally they compare about the same as white men, no kids from this ever, I do not know if I would look for blacks if Antwon stopped renting me, I am not in love with Antwon he just really rocks me like no man has ever, I enjoy the thrill of going against society and doing blacks for him

  • Have you ever measured any of the d****?

  • No, just know some are harder to handle

  • You are an incredibly lucky woman, INCREDIBLY lucky. You get to live out your fantasy in the protection and with the love of a fine fine fine black gentleman........who now owns you! OMG! Actually, it's the fantasy of every white woman alive or who has ever lived, but for you, it is real. It is your life. All those black men and all those magnificent black d****! Heaven on earth!
    Your boldness is so inspiring but I know I could never get over my fears long enough to do what you are doing. But I love you for it, and you are a heroine to all of the rest of us. Please tell us more (and more) about your experiences with all these men. Have you now done any fours? fives? more? How many have fallen in love with you? How many have YOU fallen in love with? I can't even begin to imagine how happy and how satisfied you are! Jealous!!!!!!

  • Thank you, no I have not done 3 or more, no I have not fallen in love with any of my tricks, can't speak for them

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