O***** face

My libido has been very high lately, I started a new medicine and that’s one of the side affects, because of this I’ve been masturbating non-stop... and I’ve learned that my “o***** face” is literally the same as a hentai anime girl’s, I’m talking full sticking tongue out eyes rolling back twitching... all of it. How did I reach such pleasure to make that face you ask? A really big d****? A strong vibrator? Nope... I used a toilet bush handle, it’s long and thick and the end is shaped like a 3d oval... if you put a condom on it and let some water get inside, then turn on the shower to a strong spin setting and just sit with ur c*** under the water going at it you will reach a climax you have never known! Felt like I needed to get this out there cause I feel too embarrassed to admit it to anyone I know...

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  • You sound like a good little girl, that likes to help older guys c**

  • Im a dude

  • Nice sort know feeling as have meds do same sort thing to me get so h**** nowdays have sort myself out twice a day have email me for bit fun dammlagg@yahoo.com

  • And the drug is.....

  • If you are that h**** all the time, let's talk

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