I became a sissy s****

The first time I was dress in girly clothes it was by a female friend one day she ask me to help hem a skirt and I said yes so I put on the skirt and she hem it up as a joke I told her that the skirt feel soft around me she said if you pull down your pants it will feel mush better I undone my slack and let them fall off of me now just standing in a skirt and yes it did feel nice it was two hour before she was done hem it I told you want me to take off the skirt she said no only if you want I said well I wear for a bit more. then she ask how about wearing a blouse and see what you look like I said yes well after I put on the blouse once on she show me a full mirror I told her I look like a man in drag she laugh yes but with a little help you could look like a girl then she walk behind and put her hand on my nipples as she pinch them I said yes I now could see my nipples thought the blouse she said do my girly like this yes good then she pinch them harder and left my skirt up she saw my under wear and said take them off i pull them off you wont need them just then I felt her finger at my ass hole then she shove it in and finger f*** me soon I beg her for more she said she went and got her strap on c*** and she shove it in me and f*** my ass good I said please keep it up she said you like this I said yes good because your my knew b**** soon I was dress only in girl clothes and she had her way with me then he male friend came over and she had him f*** me too and I suck his c*** soon I was want more c*** now I become her s**** I love what become of me

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  • I would love to become what you have I constantly fantasize about sucking c*** and getting f*****

  • Sweetheart Johnnyboy, I am sure you would adore it, the feeling of floaty silk and satin caressing your body. The sensual sensation as you pull your stockings up to your suspenders and then the glorious feeling of pulling up your silky French knickers over your erection. I am lucky, as I said before I have well developed b******, they get massaged and creamed every day to keep them firm, they are my babies. Next comes a lacy bra and then, slip into a silk and very slippery full petticoat (well named a slip), caressing your body with love.
    each of my boyfriends are over sixty and adore me keeping my lingerie on when they make love to me. They each have an outfit that they prefer and all of them love my lacy silk French knickers because they are so easy to shift to the side when they penetrate me.
    So my darling, I hope you are lucky enough to meet a man who likes you to dress En-femme, treats you well and does not rush when making love. I have always found that older men are more considerate, take their time, are good kissers and love being caressed and admired, especially when you kiss their private parts.
    Aren't I a naughty girl!!

  • Darling, I'm a male to female transvestite and have kept my p**** of which I am proud and a lingerie lover. My appearance is very feminine having cultivated it for many years. I am also very flirty.
    I dress to modern trends (not drag!!!) but choose styles which go with my expensive lingerie. I know how to flash my long slim stockinged legs and give interested men a good eyeful and when they are looking I get very aroused.
    I favour pleated chiffon skirts all flowy and naughty and sometimes I have a job to keep the hem of the skirt down in the wind.
    I have cultivated my b****** to a 38B with exercises and breast crème and my nipples are now very sensitive. I love wearing see-through blouses, particularly with p**** bows that show my lingerie underneath, it really interests a lot of men!!
    I have three Bi married boyfriends who I met locally and they come to my flat and make love to me (separately!!!). I love being she-male and I'm good at it.
    Now the weather has turned colder and wetter here in the UK I've taken to wearing coats and I have a shortish trench coat and when I wear that I don't wear a skirt underneath and I recall the other day I was sitting in one of the chairs in our local co-op food store having a coffee and there was a man of retirement age sitting opposite. He was waiting for his wife to finish shopping. I crossed my legs and I knew he could then see my stocking tops and even a suspender strap. I watched his face, his eyes were glued to my legs, I leaned over to put my cup down and opened my legs and I knew he could see my lacy slip and silky lacy knickers, I was so aroused. But I recrossed my legs just in case. I am a naughty girl.

  • How bout be naughty with me

  • Darling I would love that, I would wear my silkiest lingerie for you, dress you in silky frillies, lay you down on my luxurious bed, caress and fondle you, kiss your erect p**** until you are nearly fainting with desire. We could play at naughty girls together.
    This naughty girl wants to know more about you, eg; do you live in UK, if so what part? I live in Oxfordshire.
    I am a naughty girl in my silk lingerie.

  • I love wearing women's g string panties bras n short skirts

  • Me and my bestfriend were quite the cute little sissy boys who at first did it for each other but ended up making out with other boys. The first time a boy pulled my panties aside and penetrated me was monumental. I had the cutest lace panties on and really wanted it without knowing what "it" was.

  • I flash my panties in public

  • Probably fake but I'd lift up you skirt and f*** you ass while wanking you off.

  • Tight little ass wearing knickers I would f*** him so hard and have his rigid c*** in my hand wanking him like crazy, suck each others c*** too

  • Yes I love been a man b**** dress as a girl be in a sexy nightie sucking his c*** then have him shove his c*** in my man p**** hole

  • Put my panties to the side so you can suck on my c***

  • Enjoy it darling as there is nothing more arousing that having a hairy loving man slide his erection into your bottom while you are fully dressed in silky ladies clothes. Its bliss.

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