Rubbing wife butt

I love my wife's ass....every night I play with her butt.came in one night and was rubbing as usual when I was shocked her ass was smaller and more firm... I had a huge bulge! next morning my younger sis in law is snuggled up to me and wifey.

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  • A few times when I was partying with my wife and her sister, my wife got really drunk and was out of it. So her sister and I would hook up. It was amazing!

  • Wow!

  • I sniff my wife’s ass just before we have s** doggystyle. Doesn’t smell like p***. It’s her pheromones.

  • Me too

  • I did this too, but it wasn't in the bed. I came home from work and I thought my wife was asleep on the couch. She was facing toward the back of the couch so I sat down and ran my hand up her nightshirt, under her panties and started rubbing her ass. I thought something wasn't right, and that's when my wife's sister woke up and was like "what the f***". I swore to God I thought she was my wife. She wasn't too mad.

  • Was she warm between the legs?

  • What do you mean warm? Do you mean was she wet and h****? No, she was sleeping, she wasn't h****. It was awkward because I thought she was my wife. When she rolled over and was like "excuse me", I almost had a heart attack. I kept apologizing but I was lucky she realized it was an innocent mistake.

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