S** Toys with remote control

Hi all out there. I'm female, 46 years old and good 20 years married (still happy). Since years I sometimes take loveballs inside, when I go shopping (or else). Its a wonderfull feeling when they are inside me. Even when I llok at all the people and families around me and think about what they would do, if they know about it.

Some months ago my husband has been to Tokio (for business) and he brought me a gift. Its a small vibrator with 2 ends. one end is inside the V***** and is used to stimulate the G-point and the outer part shall vibrate on the C*******. You can not hear it working and it has a remote control and it can even be operated via an App for the cellphone. Its a funny thing.

It did not last long to get comfortable with it and we started to play with it. First in private, mostly with me having it inside and my husband having the Remote. It is such a weird feeling, wenn there is suddenly something starting vibrating and at the same time pushing onto the G-point. Imagin that hits you while you help the kids doing their homework.

And then we checked the App. Its in between the most loved toy of my husband. You can use it everywhere. He once played with the App, during me visiting my parents. I've had 2 o****** while chatting and eating cake with them. Unbelievable.

My husband makes fun on me with it. He likes the most to get me in situations where I could not require it. For example at an parents evening in school. or even when I'm on the way with the children.

Get the cinema in your Head running and you would see what goes.

I love it and I use it one time a week. because too often I can't take it.


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  • Use it with a butt plug worn into your a******. You will have good vibration in your g-spot with huge o******!!

  • Okay, my cousin a strong blonde gurl, is bigger and taller than me. We usually play rude sometimes, wrestling and stuff like that..
    That day she had kicked my nuts without any warning..
    I was on the floor in fetal position, meanwhile she was laughing at me..
    I can't believe it, but she was enjoying that situation..., it hurt like h***..!
    But, I dont know too much about how I was enjoying that too... It was a pleasure pain stuff at the same time.
    She knew that I was enjoying that.
    That put me on..., like her.
    I thought I was crazy as h***, but now we both get enough fun all time, with our new secret, and a new world to explore. 😂

  • Cool just got 1 them for my wife going see me in few days as away working she looking forward trying public and at work getting me doing on wifi :)

  • Power is exhilarating. Forcing my gf really excites me. Like I will control her clothes, when she goes to the toilet, what she eats, when she sits or stands.

  • My girlfriend has this for me. A remote control c*** ring and a*** vibrator too.

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