F****** pedo's to h*** with you all

F****** pedo's whats f****** wrong with all you pedo's, touch a kid you sick bastards,,,

Oct 4, 2019

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  • Ooohhhh... Wish you were younger.

  • Young little b****** love d***... specially when you tell them they are better at it that their mom

  • Pedos of the world unite
    you know unda 10 is tight
    first you finger then you lick
    then you have her suck your d***
    once she shows you she can suck
    then her lovely ass you f***
    then you tell her she's so pretty
    while you put it in her kitty
    she tells you I love this it's fun
    while you fill her c*** with c**

  • Dam right
    You know what to do
    Me too

  • Nothing beats kiddykunt

  • If the age is on the clock then she is ready for the c***

  • Once they're old enough to pee then they are old enough for me

  • The moment she screams when your force your rock hard c*** into her tiny litte a******....

  • Mmmmmmm little cotton panties come off slowly, her tiny hairless p**** comes into view and you start rubbing it, lay her down and eat her p****, get her on her hands and knees your c*** in her mouth fingers in her c***, then behind her you grab her hips, c*** in the crack of her ass and gently penetrate her.......paradise

  • It feels so damn good, the little p**** is so soft and warm and it feels so damn good getting my fingers in her and the p**** tastes of pee which I love

  • You only say this because grown women don’t like you so you force yourself on little girls.

  • No force involved they love getting f*****

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