Have always wanted to suck a c***

Who else has secretly wanted to lick and suck a c*** .
Ive dreamed about it for years, the fun it would be to wrap my lips around a hard one , to lick it , then get a mouthful ... yummm

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  • Do it and don't look back. I was you five years ago. I was constantly eyeing up men's crotches and fantasizing about getting on my knees and sucking and licking their sexy big c****. Well one day I got caught looking and he started flirting with me. The next thing I knew I was in a dark corner of the bar sucking on the most glorious p****. He shot off in my mouth in under ten minutes. That was it. Now I suck c**** weekly. I have even taken large ones up my sexy tight little r*****. It doesn't hurt in the least but feels so wonderful. Although I still love to give head anytime, anywhere. Including during a church service this past Xmas. Yes I loved sucking on our ministers son's d***.

  • Sucking a hard c*** is so hot. I had never tried it until a few years ago. I was at a bar and a really sexy guy came up to me, after eye contact, and we started talking. He was beautiful and my c*** was hard. He squeezed my c*** and invited me to his nearby apartment. We were kissing as soon as we got into the apartment building. Hot, deep kisses. Our clothes were lost as we closed his apartment door. Hands, lips, tongues everywhere. It was so hot. We ended up in a 69 position sucking each other, mouthing b****. After a lot of play he took me deep, hands squeezing my b****, taking my c**....the hottest o***** ever...After more kissing and cuddling I took him in my mouth. I sucked and licked his c*** until he filled my mouth. It was the best ever s**! I love pushy, but I love c*** too.

  • Now thats f****** hot

  • It took me a little while to get past the idea of a p**** in my mouth but he was already f@ckin me and had been nibbling on mine. I actually did it with a total stranger, a man who I didn't know?
    I mean I was way littler than I am now and just took it into my mouth as if I knew what I was doing!?

  • Two years ago when I was 15 year old my 13 year old brother Jess and I were smoking weed. All of a sudden he stripped, and asked if I liked his body. I said yes. Jess is very feminine looking and has long hair for a guy.

    He turned around and bent over and asked if his ass was sexy as a girl. I was hard by then and said. It's sexier, your ass is so fine.

    He got on his knees and took out my c***. I'm not big 6 1/2 inxhes but he easily deep throated me. and didn't not gag. When I came he swallowed it seemed so natural and felt so good having my younger brother naked with my c*** in his mouth.

    He did it an hour later again.

    He been blowing me now several times a day for the last 2 years. I f*** him most nights.

    The only problem is he has become obsessed with sucking me this summer. We almost got caught several times by mom If we are alone he wants my c*** in his mouth. Yesterday on the bus home we were the last kids and in the back, got my c*** out and blew me. I'm sure the driver saw us doing it.

    We need to be more careful, but when his mouth is on my c***, my brain shuts down and all I want to do is c** in his mouth.

  • That's awesome

  • I sucked and bottomed for older boys when I was in grade school. Now that I'm 19, and a adult I want to try it again

  • That's so hott

  • I did it, I mean really did it! I'm kind of girlish looking already and have guys hitting on me regularly so all I had to do is get the courage to go there. I was staying at my aunt's apartment pet sitting and the gay couple in her building kept flirting with me, I admit that I really loved it. I was working out in the excercise room, short shorts and all when I knew they were going to be there to work out. One of them said he wanted to give me and my cute little boy bottom a real work out and then invited me to their place.
    I said okay and the rest is history!!!🥰

  • I fantasisedabout sucking c*** for nearly 50 years. Now I have, and it’s wonderful and I cannot think about much else. I’m addicted.

  • I am bisexual I wear women's panties love c*** n c** in my mouth n bum

  • Me to

  • I would volunteer my 7" c*** for you to try? If you're prepared to try receiving a*** too?

  • I love your c*** in my bum

  • I would love to suck your c*** then you can pull aside my panties and f*** me like the girl I want to be

  • You sound like you will obey me well. I would want you c*** completely shaved, then wear panties and bra and a short dress with stockings and high heels. You will suck me d*** until your mouth is full of my c**, then after swallowing, stand up, bend over, I'll pull you panties and stockings aside to give your tight boy p**** a hard deep f******. Will you little willy be hard baby girl?

  • I would love that baby

  • Yes I would, I would love to have a female around to share him with. Suck him hard and lick her for his c*** to pump her.
    Then while he was pumping her good I would make him pull out as I clean him and have him go back in. At the end I would love for his very young c*** to shoot off all over her belly and me clean it up. Then immediately lick and clean them

  • Yes I would love to try sucking c***, I love eating my c** and would like to taste another boys

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